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Fontana: “I’m thinking of the United States of America.”  Federguccio: “That’s enough” – Sport

Fontana: “I’m thinking of the United States of America.” Federguccio: “That’s enough” – Sport

“I’m leaving Salt Lake City after I put on my skates and explore new options. I decided to join Anthony’s already planned trip here to see what the US and SLC have to offer if he completes my Olympic journey.” And so, in an outburst on her Instagram profile, multi-Olympian short track Ariana Fontana hints at an American dream that will be a nightmare for Italian skiing, in view of Milan-Cortina 2026. Fontana has once again dreaded the possibility of leaving the colors of Italy after last year’s break with Federgacio , which took off after the medals at the Beijing Olympics and never healed. But this time there is a concrete reference to the colors of the United States of America. The post-Olympics clarification between the Azzurri and the federation did not seem to have any effect, to the point that in the post-Olympics Fontana asserted that his “trust in the technical staff and the federation is irredeemable”. And the Minister of Sports and Youth, Andrea Abodi, intervened to try to heal the rift, who confirmed in an official note after speaking to reporters in the morning: “I will do my best, respecting roles and people and getting along with Federghiaccio, so that this hypothetical American perspective does not stick to Ariana Fontana, whose date has been postponed.” I’m with her unfortunately due to the change of agenda.” Fisg did not like the wrath of the athlete, who in a note expressed “surprise and regret” at his “serious statements, which in no way help the search for a common solution” in view of Milan-Cortina. “Fisg has worked to ensure that the athlete is placed in the best conditions to compete at the highest level, and has pledged €200,000 per season to cover his training costs, a figure very far from the elusive demand. Of course – underlined – FISG will not tolerate any accusations or warnings or other intimidation. Kony’s boss, Giovanni Malaghi, said he was embittered and was now awaiting a call to clarify. “I am deeply saddened by the sentences I read – Malagò’s words -. Ariana knows how close I have been to her all these years. In January she came to see me with Anthony in the Milan-Cortina office and we talked in detail about the many issues that concern her and her husband, from now until 2026, And then I shared the contents with the federation, and federation president Geos “Malaji” said he was “very sorry for what he said. I expect you to call me for clarification.” In her outburst, Fontana does not explicitly talk about changing the flag in favor of the United States (her husband and coach Anthony Lobello is Italian American) but does suggest that it could happen. “I want to thank the coaches and groups I skated with while here. Thank you for welcoming me and my coach with open arms – writes Fontana – it’s been a long time since I last briefed you on the issues I had and had to deal with. Unfortunately, there has been no constructive communication regarding my participation in the 1926 Games from the International Federation of Information and Communication Societies after the President of the Federation since last April admitted the mistakes made and made promises that were never kept. Partly he is the person who allowed athletes to target me during training and that is unacceptable.” Fontana reiterates his position: “The road ahead is not easy, but I know I will no longer tolerate technical and federal staff making decisions to impeach me without taking responsibility. At the foundation of our society there is a sense of responsibility for your actions and words. I don’t understand why it should be different in sports. The rejection and not addressing the issues has created more problems and I know I can’t have these kinds of people or issues around me if I decide to continue.” To justify competing for a union that condones behavior and decisions harmful to me. As long as it’s approved, I won’t go back and if I decide to compete in the future, my path will be completely separate from what the GM and his team have planned for the Italian group. In this case, I will regret not training with the rest of the Italian athletes, but my confidence in the technical and federation staff cannot be restored.”

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