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Follow-up visit to Fides 6 months after surgery for pancreatic cancer: all is well

Follow-up visit to Fides 6 months after surgery for pancreatic cancer: all is well

Fedez underwent his scheduled checkups 6 months after the surgery that allowed him to remove neuroendocrine cancer of the pancreas.

Checks that went well videos Underwent six months after surgery to remove pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor who hit him. The artist is the one who updates his followers via Instagram, removing the tension after peak hours. “All is well! Thank you so much for all the wonderful messages”, wrote the rapper, thanking those who thought of him in these hours and who supported him from afar, sending him messages of encouragement.

Fedez underwent an MRI

To perform the necessary examinations, Fedez A . underwent Magnetic Resonance. He also asked for fan support before the exam. “A nice MRI awaits (which I don’t particularly like). Send positive feedbackThe vibrations came exactly as he asked, so much so that he publicly thanked those who showed him support and affection. The exam went well, and the fans were immediately informed of the results of the examinations.

Neuroendocrine tumor of the pancreas that affected Videz

Just six months ago, Fides announced via Instagram that he was He suffers from an endocrine tumor in the pancreas. He discovered this in the course of a routine examination he underwent for the purpose of prevention. Very early intervention times allowed him to be operated on quickly, ensuring a high success rate and the possibility of avoiding chemotherapy. “By 90% I can say that everything is fine. It’s as if you see the world in colorFederico excitedly announced a few weeks after his operation. The state of the controls for the singer continues. For an undisclosed period of time, the artist will be closely monitored.

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