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The investigations carried out “demonstrate the presence of concrete, ambiguous and relevant elements in the connections between local administrators and organized crime”, so Fogia should be disbanded for mafia infiltration. Based on these assessments of the Access Commission sent by the Ministry of the Interior in the capital Downing on March 9, the Council of Ministers tonight dissolved the municipality of Fojia and handed over the administration of the body to an Extraordinary Commission. According to a proposal by Minister Lamorges for the CDM, the commission will include retired prefect Marilisa Magno, deputy prefect Rachel Grantolfo and executive Sebastiano Giancrante. The body has already been dismantled since a former Northern League citizen was arrested on May 21 after former mayor Franco Landella resigned last May 4. And were placed under house arrest on charges of extortion, corruption and released ten days later. Landella is now free but has been banned from public office for a year. Landella’s wife, Daniela de Dona, a municipal employee who has been banned from public office for ten months, is under investigation, which she believes has revealed a round of bribes to the municipality of Foggia. It has been managed by Municipal Executive Commissioner Marilisa Magno since May 25, but the Viminal Access Authority has already been active in the company to detect alleged mafia infiltrations in the administrative activities of the Palazzo de Citte. On July 29, the commission issued a stern report to Carmine Esposito, president of Fogia, which sent a report to the Interior Ministry and decided to dissolve the municipality immediately. The six-page report states that intimidation activities have been reported against some municipal councilors since 2014 and that there is a growing criminal pressure on the municipality. Since February 2021 – we have read – judicial investigations related to corruption hypotheses include general managers, former mayor Landella and former mayor Leonardo Icarino. “From the inquiries that come as a result of the corruption facts – we have read – the confusing picture of the administrative reality of body transformation, which testifies to the distraction of the public sphere in favor of the interests of organized crime.” In the controversial chapters, there are frequent, relative and emotional contacts by municipal councilors with local representatives of organized crime. At the heart of the alleged pressures and mafia intrusions are contracts related to the video surveillance system, the allocation of public houses to caste affiliates and the lack of anti-mafia certifications for some companies that manage public services.

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