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Floods in Germany, CDU political investigator for the delay in sounding the alarm to the population

Floods in Germany, CDU political investigator for the delay in sounding the alarm to the population

just in Rhineland-Palatinate count today 141 deadWounded 766 AH 16 missing In addition to severe environmental and non-environmental damage: about 42,000 people lost all or part of their assets. After the floods that devastated the states Germany, the official power of attorney for Koblenz and that from Cologne I started some Investigations To determine any responsibilities Penalties For the delay in spreading the warning among the population. Chief Prosecutor of Koblenz, Harald CrossOn Friday, he announced that his office had opened an investigation file for Genocide NS negligent injuries for omission against the chief Landkreis of Ahrweiler, Jürgen Pöller (CDU) and another director of Crisis Committee who had, with Pföhler, the interim administration of the interventions.

The premise that the public prosecutor moved from was that the residents should have been warned of the danger and had already evacuated From 8:30 pm on July 14th, when the valleyAh not yet covered up of swollen waters high rain which had already fallen from the previous day. On the other hand, it wasn’t until a short while later that the alarm was sounded raw 23. For those who achieve, I’ve waited so long: act already after the first notifications of Height of water will be allowed step away population. The responsibility lies with Pföhler due to the provisions of state law Rhineland-Palatinate In defense against fires and disasters, he had inner direction And the decision-making power of the Crisis Committee, which was created around 17.40 From July 14 to achieve fourth level out of danger. However, Pföhler is not technical. In fact, he himself has told investigators since then 2000 He has long been delegating leadership to the Crisis Committee, leaving it in the hands of the other suspect. Furthermore, he made it clear that he had only been informed via mobile phone of developments. However, it remains to be clarified whether the delegation and its absence from the municipal headquarters comply with the rules.

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The fact remains, as Prosecutor Cross said, that there are many elements that could lead to the belief that this tragedy It was not completely inevitable. I got the power of attorney Leaves Ahrüler District Crisis Committee on 14 and 15 July. According to the indictment, no one was there sudden flood From the river Ahar: in the town should, more upstream, already from raw 17 has arrived at dams and cause Damage, even if not for people. Nine hours later, around 2:30, the river swelled Synzig, a municipality prior to Ahrweiler, has engulfed the banks and the situation looked increasingly precarious. full predictions in 6.90 meters It was already well above the maximum recorded in 2016, which was 3.75 m. In addition, there was already damage to property and people along the course of the river. However, the evacuation order was issued to Ahrweiler only in 23.09 across the Katwarn appAnd maybe the app Nina, which is actually unknown.

An image that highlights clear responsibilities but is not at all Inclusive. It is not known what they were Information Already reached the Ahrweiler Crisis Committee, how and according to the criteria evaluated, or any of them directions Anyway, the local crisis committee disbursed the money to the forces public intervention Immediately, as Kroos identified himself. In fact, the firefighters crossed the river by firing Notices for residents. It’s also not clear how we could have acted, given this part of the phone network so Electrician It collapsed and that’s why Sirens Along the banks can not light up.

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However, part of the network is still operating, Cruz noted: His office believes that notices and evictions have been arranged. late and then Insufficient. The public prosecutor told reporters that the first deaths were already at 2.40 in Sinzig. Most of the dead and injured will then be found among the water-struck people along the course of the Ahr River in the Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler. Cruz confirmed that the investigations will be thorough and that as soon as possible, but they will certainly take time to completely rebuild when, when and which every infrastructure has been destroyed Interactions it was there. Ahr Valley was a region very touristy, filled with chromium. to recover a file Serenity For the population, as well as the reconstruction of any criminal responsibility, proper planning will also be required in Reconstruction and in the economic recovery.

Armin Laschet (CDU), ruler North Rhine-WestphaliaIt is another land that was badly affected by bad weather, in recent days during a visit to the stricken areas was made public disputed. Now she is in danger of losing again approvals For the investigations that were opened against a colleague of his party. Exchange slow subordinate help In his own land, as well as caught laughing behind the boss Frank Walter Steinmeier who was expressing Condolences As for flood victims, they have already affected the popularity of Lachet. Compared to a month ago, before the disaster, the 13% Fewer interviewees said they were satisfied with his work and only 20% You will vote for him directly as an advisor.

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On the other hand, the Finance Minister said, Olaf Schulz, in .’s poll shot infratest-dimapHe gets more attention for his work, 48%, who works as a future consultant with 35% From preferences, even if it is far from it 64% booked in 2017 for Angela Merkel In polls before voting. To the Social Democrat Gerhard Schroeder Being photographed in shoes on the flooded Elbe River course in 2002 was an election worthy thing, and in fact Schulz did it in turn in tandem Marcus Soder In Bavaria, that Armin Laschet in NRW. Green Party Candidate Commitment Annala Barbuk. , which may also appear most credible in the desire to enact appropriate policies to avoid a Another environmental disaster, and instead are satisfied as soon as it 27% and only 16% He would have voted for her directly to succeed Angela Merkel.