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First individual.  This is how well-being is created

First individual. This is how well-being is created

I say it again and again: our political program is based on the four values ​​of Forza Italy but I like center-right: freedom, Christianity, Europe, guaranteed and therefore characterized by four adjectives: liberal, Christian, pro-European, guaranteed.

Forza Italia is truly, more than ever, the only complete and consistent liberal, Christian, guaranteed, pro-European political force that fills together these four great principles in the history of the Republic. Another in a large and coherent political program.

In the panorama of Italian political privilege there are four adjectives that define what is only Forza Italia and Forza Italia today.

No other political force can be defined as a coherent expression of these four cultural and political profiles, which are united by a guiding idea: the center of the person, the object and the object of any form of public life system, to begin with the state.

So I think they are important so that each of these concepts should not be simple slogans to better define what they mean to us, why they are linked in an essential way: Simul Stabund, Simul Cadent, as Latin said.

Today we talk about the first of these definitions, “liberal”. Over the next few weeks, we will focus on the other three concepts: Christian, Guaranteed, and pro-European.

What does it mean to call ourselves liberals?

Basically, at the center of everything, in our view, is an individual who, by natural law or divine law, possesses rights that no one else has, whether one is a believer or not. The government, for no apparent reason, may be questioned, whether it is true or speculative, even if it says so in the name of the higher public interest. They are property rights: the right to life, physical security, material acquired through work or material legally acquired by one’s family. The right to make the best use of one’s talents and abilities on an equal footing with others.

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I deliberately used the words “personal” and “person” as synonyms. I know very well that they do not. From the liberal point of view the individual is only with himself, the person in the Christian sense of the word is first defined in the structure of relations with the Creator, and then with neighbors, family, and the rest of humanity. One important difference is that it has excellent philosophical implications, but for the purposes of a rational and a political project like ours, both concepts are completely fungal.

Person or individual, we are talking about a sacred institution that comes to us first.

This is why we are liberals. Because we believe that any limitation of the freedom and rights of the people is an evil – an evil that is sometimes necessary to allow the coexistence of millions of human beings but in any case an evil will be minimized.

It is for this reason that we first ask for the calculation of economic viability, for example, that taxation should be reduced as much as possible, and that laws, regulations, and bureaucracy should be simplified and simplified. Government in human activities is limited to the definition of a few simple general rules.

Precisely because we trust people, we believe that each person’s choices about life and possessions are more rational and efficient than remote planning. This is where the failures of planned economies, such as communist organizations, begin.

Historical experience has shown that liberal models have produced growth and well-being for all, while statistical or communist models have redistributed stagnation, decline or even tragedy.

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There is more. The great Austrian thinker Friedrich von Hayek, winner of the Nobel Prize in 1974, explained, among others, that statistics and the planned economy are not only inefficient from an economic point of view, but also lead to the loss of personal liberties. Economic freedom and political freedom are inseparable.

The government should intervene in the sub-philosophy (which is part of our organizational policies) (e.g. food, education guarantee and medical care for the vulnerable) only when free communication between the individual or our individuals is naturally not sufficient to reach a conclusion.

Although Italy today belongs to the Western liberal democratic system, it is still far from all of this.

I still believe that the liberal revolution is necessary and urgent, as it was in 1994.

From 1994 until today, since we landed on the field, we have ruled 27 for about 10 years. I can proudly say that no government I lead has done anything that is not in line with the liberal approach. We have given ourselves a rule to respect: Never approve of any action that would endanger the liberties, civil and economic life of the Italians in any way.

All of these may be worthy of our written history, but the path to liberal revolution is still long.

But we are stubborn, or simply determined. Today the liberal revolution is more necessary than ever, and paramount among our goals.