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Fire play, Monte Picano in flames.  "Do not disturb the recovery", the houses were evacuated

Fire play, Monte Picano in flames. “Do not disturb the recovery”, the houses were evacuated

Vicobicano (Pisa), 14 August 2021 – The fire started again Monte Picano, In the area of ​​Spazzavento, Luchetta and Lupeta in the municipality Vicobicano.

Photo sent by Rugaro Simoncelli

Flames near houses

They try to prevent fires as much as possible in an area not too far from some houses, but unfortunately it is difficult to put out fires at this time. The fire was considered “uncontrollable” until Saturday evening, but it is hoped the situation will finally be brought under control by Sunday morning if wind continues to complicate matters. Smoke can be seen from miles away. Decided in the evening Exodus Part of Capitano, Palazzo, Novia and La Lostra with a specific command. Some animals were also rescued. A Meeting place Deployment of evicted people is currently at the Palaceto dello Sport in Vicobicano.

The origin of the stock

According to the municipality, the fire appeared in the Monte Capitano in the olive grove. About twenty hectares of wood were burned at this time. Initially, the region’s forest fire protection teams, volunteers, forestry staff, Tuscan volunteer coordinators, fire trucks with tank trucks and two helicopters tried to extinguish the fire in a number of ways, but the wind and spotting unfortunately pushed the fires off the road, into the Spavento and Lacoste area. Entered the pine forest within. Activities continue unabated at the coordination level and as firefighting interventions in fire-affected areas.

Photo posted on Fb by Regional Council President Antonio Massio

An army works

“Teams of Aib-Antincendio Boschivo, two helicopters, a Canadian and a team of firefighters – from the municipality of Vicopisano – are involved in putting out the blaze above. Lucetta Weather, In Vicobisano. We recommend you Clear the roads of cars immediately, From Do not block obstacles for any reason And fire and rescue operations. “The Metropolitan Police intervened to coordinate the situation.

The deployment of vehicles is huge: a dozen firefighters come from Pizza, Pontadora, Cascina, Castelfranco de Soto, Ponsaco, San Minneapolis. Commands from Livorno, Prato, Lucca and Massa Carrara were mobilized to bring reinforcements to existing teams. Coc (Municipal Operations Center) is open.

Mayor Puglia follows the situation

Mayor Matteo FerrucciArriving a few hours ago from his family in Buglia, he is in constant contact with the CC-Security Municipal Intermediate Center, COC-Municipal Operations Center, Deputy Mayor Takola and all executives and managers. Various fields. “Unfortunately we are still called to retain an excellent and difficult test that we are well aware of and have known recently. Many of the forces in the field are talented, clear-headed and determined. Courage”, reads the Facebook page.

Tragic paradigm

This is a very comprehensive role. That thought immediately returned to the flames in September 2018 They destroyed Monte Serra In a fiery disaster.

Gianni: “We will monitor the situation.”

“I’m monitoring the situation with the regional hall, evacuations are ongoing and many operators and vehicles are operating from across the region,” the Tuscany regional chairman wrote. Eugenio Gianni, Sui Social.

Massio: “Thanks to those who did what they could”

“A heartfelt thank you to everyone who has done everything they can to stop the fires and protect the area during these hours. We still do not know what the causes are, but this is another injury to our territory,” the president wrote of the regional council. Antonio Massio.