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Fire in Eastern Rome, value of dioxin rises. Gualtieri signed bis decree. Here’s what it predicts


Eastern Rome continues to suffer the effects of a major fire in a nearby industrial warehouse in the San Basilio area, via Scarticabov, via Pive Torina. In a sample taken by ARPA between June 28 and 29, the value of dioxin, which was significantly lower in the second survey, started to rise again.

In essence, the June 26 fire between Town Halls 4 and 5 shows that the air in that quarter of the city is still unbreathable. Mayor Roberto Gualtieri signed a symbolic decree following the release of the new data.

The arrangement was made after a meeting attended by the Mayor, the President of the Cabinet, Stancanelli, the Director of Civil Protection, Napolitano, the President of the IV Municipio, Umberti, the Commander of the Rome Fire Brigade, D’Agudis, and all the structures and administrations involved. Emergencies and Major Events, Province, AMA, ASL Roma 2, Department of Social Policies and Health, Department of Waste Recycling.

All the restrictions on citizenship that the mayor pointed out in the first ordinance remain in effect. “It should be emphasized that the ARPA data refers to the area adjacent to the fire, not the city of San Basilio,” Campidoglio explains. Even today, Sunday, June 30, street washing continues, carried out by Ama within a kilometer radius of the fire site.

In the ordinance, the mayor ordered the owner of the fire-affected land to remove the affected area, burned and otherwise, from the affected area, with the goal of quickly restoring the fire to proper air quality. If disposal of the material does not take place quickly enough, management will “implement procedures for emergency disposal”.

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