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Fire during navigation on GNV ferry in Balearic Islands


The Tenacia ferry, operated by Italian shipping company Grandi Navi Veloci (MSC Group), has been grounded in the high seas north of Ibiza since 2am tonight after a fire broke out in the engine room. The ship is carrying cargo and around 400 passengers and crew and was sailing between Valencia and Palma de Mallorca when the incident occurred.

The fire forced the ship to shut down its engines, and according to Iberian media reports, there were no injuries as a result of the fire, which was small and had already been extinguished, 112 learned via the internal channels of the emergency services.

GNV confirmed that there were no personal injuries and that the fire remained confined to a technical area accessible only to authorized personnel. The Balearia vessel, which was on the same route and was close to the fire site, Abel Matutes, also remained anchored to assist in the area a few minutes after the fire to participate in rescue efforts if needed.

Maritime rescue resources were immediately mobilized. The Ibiza-based Salvamar Acrux arrived in the area a few hours ago. The Palma-based Salvamar Messana is also sailing to the area.

“This night, at around 2.30 am, on board the Tenacia (a vessel chartered from another shipowner) which departed yesterday evening from Valencia towards Palma de Mallorca, inside one of the technical rooms accessible only to authorized personnel, a fire broke out which was immediately managed by the crew and the ship’s firefighting team with the help of the devices on board and in accordance with safety procedures,” explained a note from GNV.

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“The 350 passengers were immediately informed and were assembled at the assembly points following the established safety procedures. None of the areas accessible to passengers were affected by the events. None of the passengers and crew (61 in total including technical and staff) suffered any consequences, and all are well and are being continuously informed by the ship’s captain.”

According to GNV, “In all likelihood, the vessel will be safely returned to the port of Valencia accompanied by some tugboats appointed by the authorities. The company is also managing the rerouting of all passengers on board.”

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