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Fiorello becomes a grandfather: his daughter Olivia is pregnant


Fiorello He became a grandfather. Olivia Testa31 years old, first daughter of Susana BiondoShowman’s wife is pregnant. News comes from the weekly The singer and the woman Which reminds us how strong and deep-rooted the relationship between Fiorello and his first-born son is.

Fiorello and Susanna married in 2003, after a relationship of seven years. When they met, Olivia was three years old. But eighteen years ago, the couple had Angelica, who has just celebrated her adulthood. A united and unique family, as the showman has always emphasized. “The important thing is that adults get along – as he explained some time ago in an interview with Vanity Fair – I have always had a peaceful relationship with Olivia’s biological father, Edoardo Testa.

Olivia has always been present at important events where her stepfather took part, and she sat in the front row with her mother and sister at the last edition of the Sanremo Festival, one of the few occasions where she showed herself in public: determined and committed. To communicate, Olivia has chosen a profession far from the spotlight.

Fiorello has always considered her a daughter in every way: “When she jokingly tells me that I am not her natural father – she said in an interview with Ginti – I tell her that she is right: I am the father of Champagne”.

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