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Finner reopens flights to the US and Asia

Finner reopens flights to the US and Asia

(Teleforza) – Next summer, Finner Operates flights to nearly 100 destinations, From March 27, 2022, provides ways to do this Europe, America and Asia, Is expected to reopen gradually. The company will also launch New long-distance routes Per Busan in South Korea, Tokyo Haneda e Dallas In the United States, service for the first time Sapporo It also runs on summer programming.

If travel restrictions allow, the finner will restart i Links to all five locations in Japan Pre-Epidemic Activities – Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka and Sapporo – and Beginning New service To the airport Haneda In Tokyo.
Overall, Finner will work Up to 40 weekly flights Between Helsinki and Japan in the summer of 2022. Finner operates daily flights to Tokyo Narita and Haneda, in total14 weekly frequencies for the capital Of Japan. Finner operates daily connections to Nagoya and Osaka and will launch a double daily flight to Osaka in June. Sapporo Path Finner will be introduced for the first time In summer programming With two weekly flights, three weekly flights will be offered to Fukuoka in southern Japan.

Finnair allows travelers to fly to major Asian megacities Towards Shanghai And towards the daily Hong Kong, Seoul, Singapore and Bangkok. Since last June, Finner has operated daily flights DelhiThe. The new path for this Busan in South Korea It will start in March with three frequencies per week.
In North America, finner flying Chicago, Los Angeles and New York, When it opens a way Dallas As a new target. It will be added to the Dallas root network from February 7, 2022, and will operate four times a week with better connections to Finner’s partner, the American Airlines Network.

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With the growth of intercontinental transport, Finner will also strengthen its European network With regular connections beyond Helsinki 70 cities andEuropean, including New Goals Jacapria e Larnaca. Finner operates twice daily flights to cities such as Amsterdam, D டுsseldorf, Hamburg, Vienna, Zurich, Gdansk and Milan, as well as daily flights to Paris, London, Berlin, Warsaw, Brussels, St. Petersburg and the Scandinavian and Baltic cities. As for Italy, Finner will operate flights to Bologna, Milan, Naples, Rome and Verona for the summer.