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“Finish them.”  A photo of the former US Ambassador is going viral

“Finish them.” A photo of the former US Ambassador is going viral

Rome, 29 May 2024 – “Finish them”, as if to say “finish them”. then”America has always loved Israel”. and the signature “Nikki Haley”. These are the words written by the former US ambassador to the UN A prominent Republican figure with a marker on some Israeli missiles during a trip to Israel Memorial Day. photographs, Instantly goes viral on the internetPosted by Danny DannonAccompanying him on the trip was the former Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations.

Then came his visit to the northern border of Israel Massacre of displaced people in Rafah In Gaza StripThey lost their lives there 45 people. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu He described the attack as “A sad mistake“.

Haley’s message echoes what he said during a Fox News interview later on October 7, in which he condemned Hamas attacks and called on Netanyahu to “end them.” “I would say this to Netanyahu: Finish them. Finish them. Hamas did this and you know Iran is behind it, finish them off. They should pay hell for what they did,” Haley said at the time.

Political scientist Ian Bremer The photo was shared and “the US government provided artillery shells to hit Gaza” signed by Nikki Haley who visited the Jewish state to “end them”. American policy toward Israel is essentially the same Between Biden and the Republican Party”.

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