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Fines, restaurant bills, and tax crimes: all of Camila Giorgi’s problems


There are also restaurant bills and unpaid fines among Camila Giorgi’s debts. And also a Uipe, or European Enforcement Order. Which will come from Great Britain. More than 465 thousand euros have been confiscated from Federtennis by the Italian tax authorities. The name of the former Italian-Argentine tennis player is now found in the register of suspects at the Florence prosecutor’s office for tax crimes. His lawyers Federico Marini and Cristian Carmelo Nicotra said yesterday that his “escape” was not due to problems with the tax authorities but to family disputes. While she was acquitted of contributions related to the years 2013 and 2014 by the US tax authorities. While he tells us about his father Sergio Corriere della SeraThere is a story circulating at Federtennis about some tennis balls being taken and never paid for.

Tax bill

On the tax bill that would have been handed to her sooner had she not disappeared, there is the debt owed to the United Kingdom. But also fines for car violations that the tennis player never paid. Some restaurants are demanding his money for other unpaid bills. The landlord of the last house he stayed in has also demanded late rent. Meanwhile, there is already a proposal for a plea bargain submitted by Giorgi’s lawyers at the prosecutor’s office. Who can return to Italy between June and July. Meanwhile, a preliminary hearing in the vaccine case is scheduled soon. There Giorgi risks being put on trial.

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