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Find the missing number, it's a challenge that can't be missed!

Find the missing number, it’s a challenge that can’t be missed!

Instanews challenges never disappoint, find out with today’s math puzzle. Take the opportunity to participate by applying your arithmetic skills and more. It’s about being skilled and knowing how to exploit the potential of the logic you’ve developed.

The ability to solve a math puzzle It is a great satisfaction, but it is not that simple, nor is it taken for granted. Because it’s true that important computing skills have to be put in place, but it’s not just about that. Indeed, as in all challenges, it is necessary to maintain focus and at the required time, to solve the puzzle by all the means one has, such as logic.

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what is the math puzzle Today? It is a numerical sequence characterized by the presence of numbers and numbers that are partially separate from each other, but in fact share clearly visible elements. This is where you need to start solving today’s puzzle.

Above all, you will have to complete the game in a minute, which is quite a long time, considering the fact that I have already facilitated a lot for you with an explanation that practically suggests you the answer!

So are you close? Time is running out, as always in the next paragraph, I will give you the answer, but if you look at it before time runs out and without you understanding it yourself, I win it!

Math puzzle, here’s the solution!

Before moving on to the correct answer and the usual explanation of the riddle, I suggest you make a good trip on our site, because you will find many riddles. Why don’t you try Logical puzzle in which you should discover the hidden puzzle? It’s a timed challenge, but with a mind-blowing investigative vibe. So, time is up, do you understand what the missing number is?

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Math puzzle solving
Source: Created by Instanews and photos by

First, we know the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat already exist. We have three plugins that hide an extra paragraph. This step is invisible, but understandable, because as I always suggest, the puzzle should not be taken literally, but rather should be broken down and analyzed. Especially when it comes to math!

Also comes into play Logic. What could be the movement that allows you to find the correct value, which must correspond to the same operations that were performed in the previous numbers? Well, it is necessary not only to do addition, but also Square the second number.

So the solution:

3 + 4 (squared) = 3 + 16 = 19

5 + 6 (squared) = 5 + 36 = 41

1 + 3 (squared) = 1 + 9 = 10!

So, the correct answer is 10! Did you do it yourself? If you like it Try a quick puzzle in which you must find all the missing words, what are you waiting for? Challenges and puzzles await you and your friends to solve.

As usual, you win it! See you in the next puzzle.