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Tuttosport - Il circolo virtuoso di Cardinale: vittoria, tifosi, stadio e introiti

Financial Times – Cardinal: “It was important to beat Maldini. Milan deserve a world-class stadium”

During the Italian night a long piece on financial times Dedicated to Milan and in particular to the transfer made from the Singer family’s Elliott Trust to Gerry Cardinale’s RedBird. The The new owner of the Rossoneri was the guest of Paolo Maldini On his last trip to Milan, which agreed to the signing between the two clubs: the director of the technical area is as important as the stadium project for Cardinale.

Continue with Maldini

As the British economic newspaper reported, Cardinale’s goal is to Maldini contract renewal And communicate with him who is the legend of the Rossoneri club. As soon as he arrived in Milan at the end of May, the day before the signing, to escape into the spotlight, the RedBird founder went to the Milan manager’s house and spent a lot of time with him: “For me it was very, very important that you do it. [conquistare Maldini, ndr]. In the end, we spent three and a half hours together… it was just amazing. “The important and important words were those uttered by the Cardinal who immediately wanted to establish relations with one of the men who symbolize Milan, as well as one of the architects of the Scudetto victory last May 22 in Reggio Emilia. So Maldini has been reassured for some time about his role and is still at the heart of the Rossoneri . project. Cardinale also had a few words about negotiating with Elliott and how to create the financial structure (here the details): “It allowed us to move in an instant, to cut a deal and let them do it. [Elliott, ndr] To continue participating in the way they prefer.”

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The first goal: to create the stadium

Then in the Elliott management years, Milan managed to return to the top of Italian football, and the challenge for RedBird was to To bring the Rossoneri back into competition with the big names in international football. A goal not only athletic but also economic: nevertheless, two visions are interconnected. Cardinale has extensive experience in the world of sports, especially an American whose model he would like to import also in Italy. The first big step in this direction is New stadium construction. Speaking to the newspaper across the channel, RedBird Number One was very clear: “A brand of this size, like AC Milan, must have an infrastructure that demonstrates its football prowess and its global potential. A lot of experience in stadium projects in the US. Milan deserves Italy is a world-class stadium that hosts the best in sports and entertainment on a global level.” This declaration contains some of the substance of the Cardinal’s intentions: To develop the Rossoneri brand according to the concept of sports related to the entertainment of the public, a goal that necessarily passes from a plant in line with the times. The dream is to compete with the Premier League also in terms of revenue even if it is still far away: “There shouldn’t be that kind of income difference in the media between Serie A and the Premier League.” However, the cardinal concludes by saying that at the same time, the Serie A has a huge growth opportunity that can be exploited. And if he said that, he put the money in there…

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