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Final Fantasy 16 follows with Yoshida's "Ultimate Care", but also Final Fantasy 14 -

Final Fantasy 16 follows with Yoshida’s “Ultimate Care”, but also Final Fantasy 14 –

Final Fantasy 16 immediately followed by Naoki Yoshida And it probably represents the main commitment, right now, to Square Enix’s historic product, but that doesn’t mean that Obligations on Final Fantasy 14 Concluded, the developer reassures.

In a recent interview published by Famitsu, Naoki Yoshida reported that he often sees little concern, via social media, about Final Fantasy 14’s fate due to his direct involvement in Final Fantasy 16, but wanted to reassure everyone about the continuation of Final Fantasy 14. I work on both fronts.

Yoshida explained, “It’s not true at all, I’m desperately working on Final Fantasy 14, so I hope you’ll stay with us in this chapter as well,” reporting that there are still many more. Content and updates The popular MMORPG was planned by Square Enix.

So the Endwalker expansion “doesn’t mark the end of Final Fantasy 14,” with Yoshida calling on everyone “to wait for what he expects to come in the future.” Therefore, the producer is working on both chapters of the series and has emphasized continuing commitment “with utmost care“.

Final Fantasy 16 is clearly highly anticipated by a large portion of the PlayStation community, which was announced as a console exclusive during last year’s PlayStation presentation. So we’re waiting to know something about the new chapter and its release: some time ago it emerged that dubbing and motion capture looked complete, with English being used as the main language for this new production.

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