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FIMMG Bari – #iorispettolafila Day of public medicine protest against the vaccine mess

Saturday April 24, 10:30 am Online event.

Saturday 24 April 2021

Dear colleague,

We invite you to participate in #iorispettolafila – a public medicine protest day against the vaccine mess, organized by VMG Barry online on Saturday April 24, 2021, 10:30 a.m. to discuss the progress and organizational importance of the vaccination campaign for Covid-19 and together learn what actions can be taken to address it.

All GPs registered with Fimmg Bari are invited to participate in the online meeting, open to the press, and who will have the opportunity, within the time available, to speak and tell about their experience, following the institutional interventions of Filippo Anelli – Medal of President Bari Doctors and Nicolas Calabrese – Femg Bari’s secretary and deputy secretary National FEMG.

The meeting includes:

View data on vaccines administered by General Medicine

Presentation of the case of scarcity of the second doses, the spread of vaccination days allocated to individual groups, and the lack of transparency in the distribution of vaccines

Testimonies from family physicians about organizational problems and the growing conflict with patients that family medicine must face in this emergency moment, in conjunction with the vaccination campaign.

Here you will find the Zoom link which you can use on Saturday 24 April starting at 10.30 to participate in the event:

In this challenging moment, it is important for general medicine to come together and discuss critical issues that not only undermine the success of the vaccination campaign, but also the doctor-patient relationship.

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The event is open to the press to allow all media to be able to list the testimonials and actions decided by Fimmg. do not miss!