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FilcamCampania leaders meet with the US Consul General

FilcamCampania leaders meet with the US Consul General

After attending Diego Armando Maradona Stadium to challenge Champions League with the ‘Ajaxwhich ended with the great success of blues From Luciano Spalletti (4-2), after participating in Giuseppe Piccolo Stadium in Circolato race between Naples women and the Turn mewhich culminated in Captain Poker Paula Di Marino And his consul general companions of United State In the Southern ItalyAnd theTracy Roberts Poundsreceived the chief Fijlkam Campania Antonio Bracciante Vice President of Olympic Wrestling Gennaro Espositoas well as the chief Sports Committee of the City of Naples.

Definitely an institutional and cognitive moment to discuss on the wonderful balcony with a view Castel Delovo And the Vesuviusto promote various disciplines welcom (Judo, Karate, Jujutsu, Aikido and MJ). “It was a very fruitful meeting, which in the near future will witness cooperation betweenUS Embassy and the Campania Regional CommitteeTo promote many initiatives,” he says WorkerExcited about the synergy that has been created. “I gave the US Consul our postage stamp with postmark Campania. We are also grateful for the medal we received with the Vice President Gennaro EspositoSaid number one of welcom bell.

“It was an opportunity to talk about federal sports majors and especially Olympic wrestling, a sport that is very popular in American colleges and universities. The Consul General has shown a special interest in social issues, recognizing the powerful message that sport can represent as a true policy of prevention and recovery.” Gennaro Esposito.

And tomorrow afternoon (5 pm) the Consul General Tracy Roberts Pounds he is going to wrestling lyuzy (in cross Athens), or the education club’s gym Giovanni Falcone to me militoDirected by the school principal Gina Buglione’s sundaeto meet Mr. Michelle Liuzzimuch appreciated in United State For his remarkable achievements as a coach with the presenter Nicolas de Tuliogroup leader Carbinery From Cisterna Castleand the mayor Luciano Mottola.

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