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Fifa World Cup 2022

Fifa World Cup 2022

The high participation of athletes from all over the world (Spain, USA, Australia, UK, France, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, Kenya, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Finland, Norway, Czech Republic, Slovenia) confirms the Kasto stage. A defining moment in the landscape of mountain running International, whether to win the World Cup final or to determine strategies and choose those who will take part in the World Championships in November in Thailand, a true thermometer that indicates state of form and athletic readiness.

The Vertical Nasego took off this weekend in September with a length of 4.2 kilometers and a height of 1,000 meters. Starting at Casto’s main street, from which you can clearly see the access above, the road heads up through some hamlets, and passes through the finish line from the Nasego Trophy into a hamlet. Famia, the home of WMRA’s main sponsor, Valsir Hydraulics, which has always supported the organizing committee for both events, allowing such an important development of this demanding sporting discipline in the Brescia mountains. After getting off the asphalt, the second part of the race is punitive; The descent increases on narrow rocky paths until the last steep rupture on the summit of Corna de Savallo.

In 2021, it was on this stretch Henry Aemonod He won thanks to his amazing and innate skills as a vertical worker, a natural talent thanks to which he overcame opponents of caliber Tiziano Moya and Andrea RostaneAnd the Petro Mamo And the zach hannaThe Italian Vertical Kilometro champion has been in office since 2019, and this year he is also the man to beat despite recovering from injury. Plateau opponents to overcome this year will be more selective for Aymonod, with the name gem found in the history of vertical running, the Australian Mark Burnewinner of the last three editions of Ultra Trail Australia 951 and countless international stair climbing races at Vertical World Circuit. The Climbing Queen shouldn’t be missing either Andrea Mayer, Last year’s winner and record holder for the women’s 38’39” class in the 2019 edition, while in the same edition we remember David Magnini’s record of 35’17”.

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The competition in the Nasego Cup is no less fierce and many participating athletes will choose to run both races. The long run of 21.5 km will see the first half of the valleys south and west of Casto at a very rapid pace, then the real ascent begins. Athletes will cross the rugged hill slope with highly technical trails to finally reach the summit on the hills above the Nasego Refuge. From there it will all be downhill to the finish line with again very high running speed and lanes in which these formidable athletes put on a show.

The world’s top mountain running racers will be competing here again, giving their best and providing an amazing and exciting competition, and perhaps the crucial points of the Mountain Running World Cup 2022 award are ready to grab. Those who have already confirmed their existence already stand out from that Kenyan Joyce Muthoni Njiru, Winner of the 2021 World Cup and currently at the top of the world rankings.

The big challenges on the World Championship arena that separates us from now to September will tell us the most relied upon opponents and opponents to lift the Steel Cup, a symbol of the great Savallese classic, to the skies.