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Fidez, the serious consequences of a tumor: “Every time I go to the bathroom …”

We can’t help but remember the sad fact that rapper Fedez was the protagonist some time ago who was “picked up” by a bad disease that was fortunately eradicated, but the consequences are there and the singer spoke about it frankly with his fans. His shocking words…

Videz, in a video clip on social media, spoke about the tumor he had long ago and the consequences that – unfortunately – remained indelible from his passing …


On March 22, 2022 videos He underwent a very delicate surgery to remove A rare endocrine tumor of the pancreas. Today, five months later, through a video on Instagram, the rapper tells how his life has changed and what his current state of health is. Chiara Ferragni’s husband has chosen to respond to the curiosity of his many fans on the popular social media platform, sharing photos and videos from his days alone or in the company of his loved ones, including his wife, almost daily. He also did not evade questions about his health after removing cancer.

He considers himself lucky

videos He said he was luckyCompared to other patients with the same disease, for not having diabetes, which – given by hand – is a side effect of multi-organ removal: “Fortunately, I did not have diabetes. Said the artist who is one of the most loved people by young people and who is now working as a judge in X-factor Italy.

Now she’s fine but…

Recounting the final months that lived after the drama, the rapper revealed that he had to confront him daily difficulties due to excision of the tumor. These are his words: “I miss several organs and a piece of my intestines, so every time I go to the bathroom it’s a party. But the most important thing is that everything is now for the better. I’m good, I’m getting checkups in September, but I’m fine and I hope to be healthy for a long time.”

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During the six-hour surgery, which Fedez underwent in March at San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, the duodenum, gallbladder, pancreas and a piece of intestine were removed, but this It has guaranteed him a longer average life From the stats at that time diagnose.

Fides and consequences of tumor
Fidez and Chiara Ferragni, the extreme photo in Ibiza that caused a sensation

In reply to followers videos He also took the ball back to talk about it extreme video They shot the highest point in Ibiza. The post, which was instantly shared on Instagram by him and Ferragni, unleashed fierce criticism of him in no time at all – including that of his mother-in-law Marina DiGuardo – but the singer did. It’s “unmarked” by controversybelittling what happened and also against his fans who were utterly shocked.