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Few people use this amazing application hidden in their mobile phones: what is it?


There’s a really useful app hidden on your phone: very few people use it, and that’s really what it’s for.

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Living without a smartphone nowadays seems very difficult. Mobile phones have amazing features and are equipped with tools that help you cope better with various daily activities. With the relevant agencies, You can also improve your physical fitness Follow specific online courses, record everything that happens during the day (number of steps, calories burned, calories provided through diet, number of glasses of water consumed) and achieve the goals set by our trusted ally.

However, our smartphones are also hiding Some very interesting secrets: It’s really hard to know all these things, but some of them are nothing short of amazing and can improve the overall experience. in mobile phones, There is a great hidden app What many do not know: let’s see together what it is, how it works and above all what it is used for.

Few people use this extraordinary application hidden in their mobile phone: what it is and what it is used for

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Maybe few people know it, but our mobile phones also contain unexpected secrets that often leave us speechless. For example, there is a hidden application that can definitely be useful to you. This amazing application is present on Apple devices, especially on its iPhones Update system software above iOS 17.2. We’re talking about “Diary”, the new app with which you can write down your life experiences just like the classic secret diary we used as kids. Once you open it and configure it, there are several things you can do.

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You can also divide materials into categories, for example creating collections for images, exercises, and more. There are also some secret settings: with these options you can, for example, add bookmarks to the most important notes, so you can quickly review them later when you need them. Finally, you can add a privacy boost by adding access using Face ID, Touch ID, or a personal Pin. After opening the magazine application for the first timeSimply follow the on-screen instructions and continue filling out the first page To customize it as best as possible. Every day you can add notes, edit existing notes, and go and replay memories. So, this hidden app is something really cool that replaces something that was definitely a big deal during my teenage years.


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