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Few people know this parasite and it is very dangerous to the health of our dog

Few people know this parasite and it is very dangerous to the health of our dog

When it comes to animal welfare, it is well known, and nothing should be left to chance. Taking care of all the physical and mental aspects is extremely important

In order to give your dog a long-term and lasting existence, you need to know what are the main risks it can face. Any dog ​​can be attacked by a dangerous pathogen that few people know about. This parasite, which is very dangerous to the health of our dog, is responsible for many infections every year.

Heartworms, few know that this parasite is extremely dangerous to the health of our dog

Although media interest in the health of our beloved pets has reached great heights, the pitfalls are always close. No animal can be considered exempt from the risk of disease due to insects.

Therefore, keen interest in what happens to your pet is a choice of the heart, as well as a choice of mind. In this regard, it is right to clarify how “dirofilaria immitis”, the pathogen responsible for the disease, works. In fact, heartworm.

The mechanism of transmission is similar to that in which diseases are most commonly transmitted in dogs. Through a vector, in most cases mosquitoes, the larvae of this parasite live in the dog’s organism. Once the parasite is introduced under the skin, the parasite, always in the larval stage, enters the circulation with the express aim of attacking the host as much as possible.

What area of ​​the body is affected by heartworm?

Heartworm mainly occurs at the cardiopulmonary level. If this type of heartworm is not diagnosed quickly, it is potentially fatal. Once the larvae enter the circulation, they attempt to damage the major cardiac and respiratory arteries. Will clog Globalism Of the mentioned ships, it is forbidden to guarantee the correct performance of the members. Doing so reduces the normal vital functions of the animal which, due to cardiac or respiratory arrest, must give in to its fate.

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Antiparasitic treatment is necessary to eliminate the infection. Relying on the opinion of a veterinarian, which is the right choice to make, is essential in order not to commit serious lightness.

So we have seen that few people know this parasite and it is very dangerous to the health of our dog.


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