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Few people know this ideal plant for the balcony with wonderful fruits that are resistant for several months


Summer is coming to an end, temperatures drop and days get shorter. Everything around us is changing. The colors become darker and less intense and the summer garden flowers fade.

But in fact, if you find the right plants, those that are resistant to cold, we can have colorful gardens and balconies even in winter. For example, we can farm This unusual plant with a column of flowers, or to make the outdoor space unique and special This abundant plant that blooms in the rain.

Few people know this ideal plant for the balcony with wonderful fruits that are resistant for several months

Today we at ProiezionidiBorsa, want to suggest to our readers, a very special and typical winter plant named Nertera granadensis.

Unfortunately, few people know this ideal plant for walkways with wonderful fruits that are resistant for several months. Nertera is a small, decorative and evergreen plant, ideal for decorating balconies and gardens. It has intertwined stems, small bright green leaves and inconspicuous flowers that bloom in June.

But what is surprising about this small plant is its fruits. Round berries like pearls, inedible, which last for many months. Its color depends on the variety chosen, but it is usually red or orange.

how to plant

Neterera is a very rustic plant that loves light and air. However, it fears direct exposure to sunlight that can damage its leaves. Plant prefers temperate climate and not cold temperatures. In fact, if you grow it in pots, remember during the winter to move it to a sheltered location or put it indoors.

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Watering is constant during spring and summer, while in winter the watering will be significantly reduced. Remember to avoid stagnation of water, which can damage the roots.

A fast-growing plant that needs fertile, sandy, well-drained soil. During the summer we mix natural fertilizers based on nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous in the irrigation water. Moreover, it requires little maintenance, it will be enough to simply remove dry parts.

dangerous diseases

Nertera can be affected by parasites and aphids Which slows down its growth and makes it unpleasant. To eliminate them, you only need to use a natural or chemical pesticide. If the leaves became dark, it was probably sunburned, while if the plant was suffering and withering, we gave it a little water.

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings in this article, which can be referenced Who is the”)


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