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Ferrari, Wolff: “Non ci sono grandi differenze tra le power unit”

Ferrari engine, Wolff doesn’t believe in big differences between power units – F1 Team – Formula 1

The Bahrain Grand Prix The meeting ended with Lewis Hamilton on the podium in Sakhir, who finished third behind the Ferrari drivers. However, regardless of the score on paper, the seven-time world champion and teammate Russell’s placement, fourth at the finish line, responds directly to Red Bull’s double retirement, which left the scene with both Verstappen and Perez straight in the final rounds of the race, when the latter was in front of two mercedes. Speaking of the Anglo-German team, the element that did not go unnoticed in the first weekend of the year is precisely associated with difficulty Found from Brackley’s house In terms of competitivenessAnd not just for the world champion team. The most visible display, in fact, was also noted with all the other Mercedes-engined teams – Aston Martin, McLaren and Williams – which finished in the most remote of the final classification at the end of the weekend which was complicated even during the tests.

Items that have not gone unnoticed by Hamilton himself, worrying about Divide He stood out between Mercedes and their direct competitors – Ferrari and Red Bull – especially in maximum speed. The team manager also talked about this Toto Wolfwho attempted to provide a more precise reason for this defect, associated with changing the setting to confront porpoises: “We need to analyze drag levels before judging whether we lack strength – The Austrian director explained, as reported Racefans.netI don’t think there are big differences between the power units. It’s clear that Ferrari has taken a huge step forward, as they weren’t quite as competitive last year. If you look back at one event in Bahrain, it is as if they have outgrown all the others.”. Now that the circus is gearing up for its second round of the season in Jeddah, on one of the fastest tracks in the world, Wolff concluded with a joke to find a solution: “It is easy to eliminate the resistance from the machine, Because just take a chainsaw and cut the rear wing into piecesThe – he added – And that’s what we’re going to do for Jeddah.”