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Ferrari, dream model exploding in the street: the images are terrifying

Something incredible happened in Montecarlo: a blow to the heart of all “Rosse” fans. Here are the pictures…

Ferrari F40a dream of 35 years. It all started in July 1987, when Enzo Ferrari heads to Maranello to see a world preview of the car built to celebrate the Prancing Horse’s 40th anniversary. Well, in September 1987, the model was officially presented at Frankfurt Motor Show In front of hundreds of journalists from all over the world, in front of the most important Italian car dealerships and major Reds customers around the world.

Fantastic F40

At that moment no one knew what would later become history: The F40 has become a piece of legend Ferrari. “Ferrari’s most powerful and sophisticated car, the F40 Le Mans, is born, a race car with a number plate,” Enzo Ferrari will say. exceptional fireball, With a 90° V8 engine, a displacement of nearly 3,000 cc, four valves per cylinder with two injectors per cylinder, it produced 478 hp (352 kW) at 7,000 rpm. Five gears, rear, two-disc clutch.

The F40 is designed and built as one Berlinetta 2 seats with fiberglass structure, pendants Separate front and rear passenger cabin and interior reduced to essentials (another F40 feature). except air conditioner They spawned Absence of a stereo system, glove box, floor mats, finishing touches Leather panels and doors.

The first 50 models used side-sliding windows, while later models featured crank-operated landing windows. Electric control was not included in the F40 without assisted steering and ABS, and is therefore essential in electronic technology.

F40 is on fire, watch even the champ

So a gem. And when the jewel breaks…the sight hurts. This is what happened in Monte Carlo. The Ferrari F40 devours flames a few hundred meters from Goalkeeper rotationalong Princess Grace Street. at the time ofFire There were two people on board and fortunately none of the passengers were injured.

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F40 on fire, trying to put out the fire from the balcony was useless
Flaming F40, trying to put out the fire from the balcony was palpable but… futile

The strange thing is that this fire that occurred in February 2020 was a witness Max Biaggi, a two-wheeler hero who lived in the immediate vicinity of the crime. In some of the photos, you can even see a Desperate attempt From someone in the upstairs apartment trying to turn it off flames With a small water hose while spraying On fire F40.

Another (weird) curiosity? Unbelievable but real out there Ferrari F40 caught fire in Monte Carlo on the day they celebrated 122 years since the birth of Enzo Ferrari.