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Ferrari 330 LMB and Bell Sport & Classic revive the classic legend


No, this is not one of the four models that were built in Maranello in 1962 but this one Ferrari 330 LMB He has all the credentials to entertain, in honor of the famous Cavallino model born to competitions (original name was LM but was also known as Le Mans Berlinetta, LMB). Sample made by Bell Sport & Classic It’s a loyal copy, authorized by the Italian brand, that complements the work of Ed Carter, a Ferrari fanatic who decided to build his own 330 LMB.

Squalo, as a homage to the Ferrari 250 GTO

Unfortunately, the man passed away in 2015, without being able to finish what he had started, so Hertfordshire (UK) decided to continue the work that Carter had to leave unfinished, taking advantage of 330 GT Which was purchased as the basis for the birth of this clone of Ferrari 330 LMB. Bell Sport & Classic took over 4,000 hours of work, making various ingredients from scratch. The work done on the 3-liter Colombo V12 deserves a completely revisited separate chapter, increasing to 4 liters, with the addition of 4 liters of Dry sump lubrication system. According to Autocar, the British automotive magazine had the opportunity to take a closer look at the car, as well as test the bench drive: the power achieved is 396 hp at 7,600 rpm, which is practically the same as the original Ferrari 330 LM. The unit is also equipped with an electric cooling fan to maintain a low powertrain temperature.

Ferrari LaFerrari, “millionaire opportunity”

However, the Bell Sport & Classic has made many changes compared to the original model, starting with an aluminum body that has a more tapered shape than the original and lighter colors. It is also new Aluminum housing for gear lever And the petrol tank, while the four-speed racing gearbox has been replaced by a five-speed synchronous tank. Then the Ferrari logo was hand painted. The car is equipped with internal soundproofing, which makes the driving experience quieter. Despite this, Autocar experts tell the extent of the driving experience behind the wheel Ferrari 330 LMB Really attractive, with decent response and handling to modern cars. It is not currently clear whether the Bell Sport & Classic masterpiece will remain the property of the company or will be sold.

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