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Feminists sue Miss France organizers (again)

Feminists sue Miss France organizers (again)

“Every year we protest against this competition that spreads sexist values, but it doesn’t change anything. That’s why we decided to use labor law,” says Alisa Arrabar, a spokesperson for Osez le feminisme! The story is told by Corriere della Sera, according to which Endemol produces broadcasts on Tf1 every year, and is announced by Miss France.

Among the evidence presented was an interview with the president of Miss France, Alexia Laroche-Joubert: “Participants have the courage to leave a month and a half of their lives,” she said. These 45 days are used for parades, dances and costume rehearsals. In short, an important obligation that is not protected by any kind of employment contract.

Gender-biased access criteria – On the other hand, standards of access to competition, which are judged as sexist, come almost in the background. The regulation states that participants must be at least 1 meter tall and 70 years old, do not smoke, do not drink alcohol in public, have “elegant” behavior, do not have tattoos larger than 3 cm, do not mock politics in public and finally must not be married or have children. The issue of sexism in the competition has already been discussed in the past but has never affected public opinion. This is the reason for choosing a different path this time.

One euro compensation But we are faced with another understandable “symbolic” issue with the compensation request: the three applicants actually asked for one euro in compensation. Instead, the goal will be to achieve something (that’s where gender equality returns) that already exists in the male domain. In 2013, the Mister France competition was the subject of a similar business lawsuit, and the participants did not have a contract. The judges forced the organization to provide it. There would be no different decision in this case.

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