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Fedez is “beaten” by the judge. There is no compensation from Martini


Nothing to do Fedez. The rapper, after years of fighting and waiting, receives a less positive verdict for one of them An old social story. Let’s talk about Maximum compensation Which Federico Lucia requested from the former Big Brother Daniela MartaniAfter she insulted him and his wife, Chiara Ferragni, on social media using inappropriate words. It was the Veragnizes’ fault, according to Martini (and also according to much of the internet at the time) that they had Food waste in the supermarket. Now the judge, who had to clarify the true weight of Daniela’s tweet, agrees with the latter. We see Here are the details of the story.

Fedez vs. Daniela Martani, cold shower from the judge:

Vince Daniela Martani, with her Toxic tweet Who targeted exes in 2018 Veragnise. They organized one Huge party in a supermarket, with social media heavily criticized for unnecessary food waste. “I’ve been telling you that for years “They’re idiots, big fat balls.”“They have no respect for the lives of people and animals. They no longer know what to invent to make people talk about them. Having a party at home was quite normal,” Martini protested on Twitter. Otherwise who will love them?.

Fedez then apologized, as did Chiara. But no Image corruption It was done, the fans turned up their noses, and the rapper did not like Martini’s attack (certainly not the only one who allowed himself to go through this matter). So here’s the thing Report to the judgeAn endless process. Criminal proceedings were rejected three times by prosecutors and an investigating judge at a Rome court. However, he is still alive Compensation request excellent From 100 thousand euros. At least until the latest update on this matter.

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In fact, today the judge considered Fidesz’s request Totally baselessConsidering that Martini’s post falls within the right of criticism, and the terms used in the tweet such as “idiots” and “big balls” are considered… “Legal in light of the context”. This is because the “strange and questionable” behavior of Fedez and Ferragni “revealed themselves”. Understandable and predictable criticism of the public.” In short, “If a public figure, with millions of followers… independently chooses to share her daily life and, in particular, such an event, he has to also Accept criticismeven the stinging ones, from her large audience.”

Now it will be Fedez’s turn Paying expenses to Daniela MartaniDefended by lawyer Antonino Polemini. A conclusion that could have been avoided, perhaps, by letting it pass as it has so many times. But Federico Lucia’s arrogance, as evidenced by the recent events of the year, triumphs over all. Also about common sense. Therefore, he will pay.


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