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Fedez and Garance Authié enjoy their first vacation together: Chiara Ferragni does not hide her sadness. Here’s what he wrote


While the singer and his new girlfriend publish photos confirming that they are together, Chiara Ferragni behaves completely differently on social media

The relationship between Fedez And the French model Garance Authiye He seems to be moving on, and the two have been spotted together several times in recent weeks. First on board a yacht in Monte Carlo, then along the Grand Prix circuit, and finally in Milan, on the terrace of the Cracco restaurant, where the singer had previously shared a table with Chiara Ferragni. As the latest posts and stories on Instagram confirm, the new couple is still together.

In their photos, the two never appear together, but there is always a common denominator in each of their posts: they relate Silvio, Fedez’s new dog, who became the new mascot, as were the family dogs: Matty and Paloma. The bridge between the singer and the model is Silvio himself, who appears in both their posts and also helps establish the location: Maybe Pugliawhere Fedez published a post less than 24 hours ago.

While Fedez, on the other hand, seems happy and carefree in his new relationship Chiara Ferragni has a completely different behavior on social media. After spending the weekend in Sicily, on the occasion of Diletta Liotta’s wedding to Karius, the influencer posted stories and photos of the party, where he seemed to be having fun.

However, in the latest post, after various shots in which she looked carefree, Kiara also shared A phrase from the song Yovanoti, directly related to her ex-husband: “It is nice to live even if you feel bad, I wanted to tell you that because it is in my heart. I am very sure, my dear.” Words that are marked by Clear inner sadness.

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