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Federsanità Anci Umbria and Perugia Physicians Syndicate at Work Due to Shortage of General Practitioners

Federsanità Anci Umbria and Perugia Physicians Syndicate at Work Due to Shortage of General Practitioners

A meeting was held at which it was decided to draw up a common document to be presented on the institutional terms of reference

(UNWEB) Perugia, – To take joint action involving various institutional levels to try to solve the problem of the shortage of general practitioners, which is a very important issue in some Umbrian regions. Union forms among physicians, group medicine, regional functional grouping, interruption of assistance and exceptions to regulations to avoid desertification of clinics in historical centres: these are some of the proposals that emerged during the meeting between Federsanità Anci Umbria and the Provincial Physicians Union of Surgeons and Dentists of Perugia, accompanied by some unions which represent them. A comparison that will give life to a document, in which problems and possible solutions will be clarified, to be presented in the tables of institutional efficiency.

Present to speak about it in the Falcon Borsellino Chamber in the province of Perugia, Manuel Petruccioli, Mayor of Giano del Umbria and President of Federsanità Anci Umbria, Anarita Valsacaba, Mayor of Bevania and member of the Office of the Presidency of Federsanità Anci Umbria, Michel Toniaccini, President of Anci Umbria, Silvio Ranieri, Secretary General of Anci Umbria, Verena De Angelis, President of the Perugia Doctors’ Union and Trade Unions Maurizio Lucarelli (Smi Umbria), Sabatino Orsini Federici (Fimmg Umbria) and Leandro Pesca (Fimmg Perugia).

“The problem of the shortage of general practitioners has become a deep and major problem involving more and more municipalities, especially small and isolated ones. After this important comparison, it is necessary to write a clear and common document to present it to the Region, the directors of the two Umbrian health agencies and all the competent bodies,” said Manuel Petruccioli during the meeting. “.

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“The GP number is important as an essential point of reference for our citizens. That is why we cannot make ourselves available to take a joint path with the Physicians Syndicate that will lead us to find appropriate solutions as soon as possible. We must find a way to move forward together to respond to the legitimate requests of citizens,” she commented Michele Toniachini.

Verena de Angelis, president of the Union of Surgeons and Dentists of Perugia, gave a picture of the situation, stressing that “the shortage of professionals is mainly in disadvantaged areas.” So far, each doctor can accommodate up to 1,200 patients but “we are below average, – emphasized de Angelis – we have areas where none and others where there is self-restriction, doctors who decide for various reasons not to take them. Exceed the threshold Certain. It is necessary to plan and think of possible solutions to make the Apennine regions more attractive.”

Trade union representatives spoke of the need to “make disadvantaged areas more attractive and the need to cooperate with other realities, such as working in the field of collective medicine.” They hoped an investment to create an allure around the Doctor’s character equal to that offered by other nearby regions.