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Favorite.  France chases first world champion but Poland wants all three of this kind at home - OA Sport

Favorite. France chases first world champion but Poland wants all three of this kind at home – OA Sport

The pretenders to the throne are the usual, It is difficult to deviate from the usual five teams (the sixth Russia was supposed to be the host in the initial projects) that could reach the bottom of the men’s World Cup scheduled between Slovenia and Poland. The top candidate is still the host team that won the last two world titles. The Poles have what it takes to create three of a kind: a tall team, Solid and full hexagon, general friend e Great desire for redemption after the failure of Tokyo.

The Polish team is the main candidate for the world championship, but it will have to deal with some fierce competitors who are ready to keep their team, and above all Olympic champion France. Andrea Gianni’s team started the season by winning the Nations League with full merit and now wants to assault the world title, The only trophy still missing from the transalpine union’s bulletin board. Also in this case a strong team, starting from the basics of the second line and from an ultra-precise technique to exhaust the opponents.

The United States is once again among the top candidates for the tournament, despite the generational change that will peak after Paris 2024. The champions who have allowed Stelle Strisce to be champions in the past five years will all be there and Team USA will be one of the teams to beat.

He didn’t make it to the podium in Tokyo but he definitely can’t be underestimated Brazil, on the other hand, has already started to change generations even before the last Olympic season and is struggling a bit to find items capable of reviving past glories, especially for performance continuity. Still one of the teams to beat.

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At the end of the order of favorites There is Italy: also for the Blues, the above speech about Brazil is true. There is an awareness in the Italian team that they are doing very well at youth level (thanks to Giulio Velasco’s hand too), wins come in groups but maybe this World Cup will come soon What is the potential of the group that de Giorgi began to form a year ago starting with the unexpected European victory. Seeing Italy in the top four wouldn’t be a big surprise, because seeing them in the final is yes.

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