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Fast Fashion Confessional Hotline, America’s Latest Trend – La Voz de New York

It’s a venture signed by ThredUp, a company specializing in second-hand goods, in collaboration with Priya Ferguson, the rising star of the Stranger Things series. While a report on US Gen Z buying habits shows a strong reliance on this fashion, a hotline has been set up to convince teenagers of the “evils” of fast-fashion chains.

Why does everyone love fast fashion, even when it’s so harmful to the planet? A straightforward answer explains the benefits and can be characterized by online shopping, attractive prices and a small but effective digital marketing plan; In short, the article sells itself. “True” luxury is aspirational, but prices have risen recently due to increases in the costs of manufacturing and transport chains weighing on the end product. As a result, despite representing a serious environmental problem, we resorted to convenience and laziness in a quick fashion.

The use of fast fashion materials, mostly polyester, and flammable only on sight, is extremely harmful due to the unmeasurable consumption of dyes, waste of resources and energy, and exploitation of workers.

That’s why ThredUp and Priah Ferguson are inviting young people to embrace sustainability and ethics with great sponsorship on social media and a toll-free number (+ 01-855-ThredUp) to exchange ideas for a greener future.

This is a very serious maneuver dictated by calls, exchange of voice messages and WhatsApp to report certain crimes. In addition, we invite you to buy second-hand clothes and show interest in various materials from jute, linen, silk or renewable sources. Even if the last word is in the hands of governments, industrial powers, financial speculators, every small change can and should make a difference. Nothing is new.

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