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Farewell to the Orange Zone, meeting in the center of Rome and Naples

Farewell to the Orange Zone, meeting in the center of Rome and Naples

In the center, the crowd via Del Corso Roma, On the Saturday before passing through the Yellow Zone of Lazio. This road is temporarily closed for people to leave. Ordered a temporary shutdown by Questura, which has also developed an anti-control plan to collect this weekend.

Crowd at the center last weekend in the Orange area of ​​Rome: People were allowed to run through Del Corso

Many Romanians have chosen the center of the capital, parks and beaches to walk this opening Saturday. Parks, crowds on the main streets of Ostia’s seaside and historic center. Many people take advantage of the summer and choose parks for bike riding, walking or playing sports. Lots of people but not crowded at the waterfront of the city. Beaches are inaccessible; The beaches were actually managed by the police who prevented people from passing by.

Covit in Lido di Astia, Summer Breeze: Beaches Storm

An overflowing crowd through Toledo, a Naples, Starting on Monday, the last Saturday before the Yellow Zone. Half-demonstration day and favorable weather favored a great visit to one of Naples’ shopping streets. Many used it for a walk, and then many went to the shops, some of which reopened a few days ago. For catering facilities that allow meeting and carrying outside.

Naples is getting ready to reopen: Citizens are flocking to the beach and shopping streets

Thanks to the good weather, many people today are one Milano Looking forward to reopening on Monday, they decided to take a walk. Many have chosen to go to Sempione Park or the gardens of Porto Venice, but without the crowd. Quiet situation in other green areas of the city from Ravisa Park to Martisana. Starting with the local police who do not allow you to sit on the steps of Darwena, many have chosen Navigli where the police presence is huge. But even in this case there is no problem in the meetings. Other parts of the city are semi-deserted at this time, from the island to the field Monza.