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Farewell to quarantine and commitment to remote work

Farewell to quarantine and commitment to remote work

Covid – what’s happening next door Swiss? Over the course of days, the epidemiological situation has been improving, and we can say that it is encouraging, as in other European countries and even in Italy – which until two days ago was aimed at prudence, but today showed in the Council of Ministers some openness to removing restrictions for the future – where the infection curve decreases.

Switzerland has taken a step back on restrictions and is one step closer to normalcy. Starting tomorrow, February 3, 2022, the first two measures designed to recover from the pandemic alert will come into effect. Then, based on the general situation, the government will decide accordingly.

So, for now, the situation allows us to put an end to that Forced remote workwhich remains just a goodbye recommendation fortywhich remain shown only for the positives.

What the Swiss government decided on the epidemic: Reversing restrictions

the Number of positive cases In Switzerland it is still very high (+41K), just like in Italy, but a downward curve is starting to plot. In particular, the situation in hospitals, which is a real indicator of the crisis of a country, is improving. In fact, there are fewer and fewer serious cases that require hospitalization or an intensive care bed.

“Advantages”, again, go to varante Omicron, less lethal, but more aggressive in spread. Thus the Swiss scenario is similar to the scenario in Italy and the rest of Europe: the number of vaccinated people, between those who have recovered and those who are vaccinated, allows us to look to a future that is less and less under control. Is the end of the epidemic near? Soon to say, but the hope is the same that was promoted today by the Minister of Health in a press conference Roberto Speranza: We can start to think about the end of the epidemic.

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In light of this news in the health sector, the government has also taken decisions. After the Federal Council meeting, positive data led to a decision reduce restrictions approved so far. This is the duty of remote work and quarantine.

The Swiss government: Reversing the quarantine and committing to working remotely

As with the United Kingdom, the televaloro the changes. It will not be mandatory, just a recommendation. Employers, as we read World Health OrganizationHowever, they still have to protect their employees from the risk of infection. However, still Mandatory mask at work.

As well as news of the quarantine that was canceled after shortening the previous times on January 12th. From tomorrow February 3 Quarantine is no longer mandatory For close contact, except in the case of the same house. However, the quarantine of those who tested positive for the coronavirus did not change.

Covid: What will happen in the future?

Two news related to anti-Covid security restrictions, but they are not the only ones. In fact, the Swiss government has developed a plan that will see the light of day February 16 According to the general conditions of the health crisis. This presents two possible scenarios, let’s see them.

Scenario 1: block cancellation of measures

To cancel all measures, the conditions must be met: exceeding the peak of the wave, the vaccination rate, a decrease in hospitalization. In this case, the following will be invalidated:

  • Certification commitment in restaurants, events, cultural and entertainment facilities;
  • Obligation to wear a mask on public transport, in stores and in all enclosed spaces accessible to the public;
  • restrictions on secret sessions;
  • License requirement for large events.
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Scenario 2: Two-step action withdrawal

Then there is the possibility of partial editing, in two parts. If the situation was still too uncertain, the Council would proceed step by step.

the The first stage Will be allowed to cancel:

  • Certification commitment in restaurants, events, cultural and entertainment facilities; Restaurants will still be obligated to consume while seated;
  • lifting restrictions on private meetings; – abolition of the licensing requirement for large outdoor events; The cantons can decide whether to make such a commitment, for example for carnival parties;
  • The ā€œ2Gā€ rule The ā€œ2G +ā€ rule applies today (discos, indoor swimming pools, intense sports activities, woodwinds).

the The second phase On the other hand, it provides for the lifting of all other restrictions, while obligating, however, to authorize large indoor events.

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