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Far Cry 6 on Xbox Game Pass?  Spotted Ubisoft Game Icon -

Far Cry 6 on Xbox Game Pass? Spotted Ubisoft Game Icon –

Far Cry 6 can land Xbox Game Pass: title icon Ubisoft It was spotted in the platform dashboard, at least a few shots, but some believe it could be a simple bug.

In fact, we know that among the games of the second half of June on Xbox Game Pass, there was also the fifth chapter of the series Far Cry 5, so it is possible that the system may have by mistake Two-tone icons.

Set in the fictional Yarra Archipelago, Far Cry 6 puts us in the lead of Dani Rojas, an ex-fighter determined to escape to America with his friends. However, the ship he was on was destroyed by the forces of dictator Anton Castillo, who was played by the actor. Giancarlo EspositoDanny is one of the few survivors.

At this point, I decided to join the Libertad, an organization that aimed to liberate the island from the control of Castillo and his generals but which could not succeed in the project alone: ​​for the revolution to take hold, it would also be necessary to involve in the battle three other independent groups.

Pending confirmations or denials about the game’s arrival on Xbox Game Pass, find more details in our Far Cry 6 review.

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