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Fans protest on social media

Fans protest on social media

Thursday October 13 place in the sun will not broadcast To make way for the second semi-finals of the 2022 World Cup in volleyball Women between Italy and Brazil. The news came on October 12 during the episode airing with an overlay, but immediately after the announcement it was confirmed by Upas Productions via official social channels.

frozen shower for Fans who showed all their disappointment on social media A condition that has been repeated several times over the years. However, we must remember that the episode Un posto al sol It will be restored practically immediately.

Indeed, on Friday 14 October there will be an unmissable double date for fans of daily drama in Naples, always starting at 20:50.

A place in the sun is canceled

Tonight, Thursday, October 13, OPAS will not be broadcast She will sell her slot for women’s volleyball. Starting at 20:00 on Ray 3, Italy will face Brazil in the Women’s Volleyball World Cup semi-final. The winner will face Serbia on Saturday 15 October at 20:30, so in this case the place in the sun will not change in its broadcast.

The announcement was up in the air, due to the turn going blue on October 11, but it came as a surprise anyway because all the TV guides confirmed that Upas would be broadcast regularly.

Anyway, the episode will be restored the next day, but fans still didn’t like that difference.

A Place in the Sun, Double Appointment on Friday 14th October

When Will the canceled episode be restored? Practically immediately: A double episode is scheduled to air on Friday, October 14th Starting from 20.50.000

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The A Place in the Sun fans But they didn’t take the news of the episode’s cancellation very well.

The problem is that this situation has already been seen in the past. Whether it is a sporting or political event, Opas has found himself having to give up his place on several occasions. Although advertisements are served, they are almost always delayed and never able to reach the entire audience, which leads to discontent and lower ratings.

However, confirming the time can help a lot. An unsuspecting viewer will only encounter an oddly longer episode which can have less impact on scrutiny than in other cases where the half-hour broadcast was expected.

Anger on social media

There are many negative comments against this RAI decision. The most common criticism is that there is a channel entirely dedicated to sports (Raisport). Which, according to fans, will never be used to broadcast these events.

Among the comments you can read the user’s comment, which says: “But who cares about volleyball”.

Again: “I would like to know why it’s the only program that should always give way and then there’s rai.” Obviously, there are also those who underestimate them and are happy with the opportunity to enjoy the day after a double ring.

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