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Fan event 2022 starts today -

Fan event 2022 starts today –

Today, March 24, 2022, started the event Organized by fans Bloodborne return to Yharnamfor 2022. It will run until April 7, 2022 and “require” players to start a new game and perform a series of actions.

In case you don’t know, Bloodborne return to Yharnam It is an annual event organized by gamers who want to celebrate FromSoftware and inspire the community to rediscover it, or perhaps discover it for the first time. Basically, you don’t have to do anything in particular, just play and maybe participate in custom discord channel, to talk to the game community and everything going on around it. Those who want to participate in Bloodborne Return to Yharnam more actively can follow some Additional “rules”:

  • Create a new character (so no NG+) and play co-op and PVP whenever possible
  • Change matchmaking to ‘My World’ to interact with as many people as possible
  • Leave a message saying “You know what, right?” (or Italian equivalent, using the words provided in Bloodborne) near the messaging tank in Hunter’s Dream and leave an upvote for the same message other players wrote every time you see it

The goal is also to revive the game and the online community of course. Bloodborne’s return to Yharnam 2022 isn’t the first such event that players have been suggesting and it probably won’t be the last.

If you are a fan of Bloodborne, you should definitely play Bloodborne PSX: that’s why you should definitely try a copy of FromSoftware’s masterpiece on PC.