Thursday, July 25, 2024

Families crazy with joy and huge savings


As we know, owning a car is a huge blow to Italian families and with soaring inflation, motorists are certainly not doing well at all.

But now come some helps Really great savings opportunities for motorists and that’s good news after all.


The bonus For the purchase of the new car from 7,500 euros but today this bonus is relatively interesting for Italians.

Powerful savings in tax: how to ask for it

In fact, Italians today do not want to buy a new car But they want to save on the cost of the device they already have.


Precisely for this reason, today there are strong savings opportunities. As we know, the car tax is one of the most hated by Italians. Car tax is property tax On the car and no matter how much it is used, this tax still has to be paid. But now there is exciting news about car tax but also about insurance the cars. With regard to the car tax there can be an exemption or a deduction. To get a discount on the car tax, you only need to pay the localization stamp on the current account.

Strong discounts on road tax and insurance

In fact, you can get a discount when paying car tax with localization on the current account Between 15 and 20% depending on the region. But there are some cars they can own Exemption The total of the car tax. These cars are electric but they are also old cars and cars used to transport the disabled. These three very special classes of cars They are exempt from car tax but there is also a huge discount on insurance. In fact, experts from the auto insurance world point out that auto insurance can be halved with two very simple tricks.

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Insurance: you pay only half

The first is to resort to Sites that allow you to compare policies with each other. In fact, these sites that allow you to compare policies, allow you to be able to choose one that is actually cheaper and the savings can be quite powerful. The second trick is very simple and that is to choose the insurance that requires the black box. Insurances that require a black box make fraud very difficult and therefore insurance companies dispense with them in return Discount can range from 10 to 60%. Among other things, the black box also provides in gasoline. In fact, the black box avoids sudden acceleration and braking. Therefore, by enforcing a smoother ride, it offers significant savings.


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