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danni maltempo 28/06/2022

Fallen Trees and Flooded Roads: Hurricane Abuwan Beach and Lunigiana

MASSA-CARRARA – Fallen trees, flooding roads. In the last few minutes, Abu Beach has been swept away by a storm that is truly frightening due to the force unleashed amidst very violent rain and strong winds. A situation similar to a tropical cyclone, which lasted more than a quarter of an hour, but it caused considerable damage from Carrara to Montignoso. At the time of writing, reports of difficulty have come from Carrara, where two trees have fallen in the center of XX Settembre and Piazza Moti in Fossola.

Fallen trees and flooded streets have also been reported in Pardasia (via Delle Pinet), in the Vile Roma in Massa, in the Comasca Park in Ronchi, and in the seas between Marina de Massa and Montignoso. Through Tea Carry in Massa, rock falls have also been reported. Roads are impassable in many cases of storms.

The fury of the storm did not leave the Masa railway station: again the subway was completely submerged, preventing users from reaching Route 2. For this, it is necessary to divert all trains coming on Route 1.

According to the weather forecast, the most important moment will have passed and it will return to Abu Duan province tomorrow.

Updates on Lunigiana

The situation in Lunigiana is no less complicated: there are more than 7,000 residents without electricity. The hurricane did not leave many areas: from Pontremoli to Mulasso, from Villafranca to Flatira. The report came from Lusovolo that the defensive walls of the village in the fort had collapsed.