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“Falled in the bathroom, dragged himself to the phone to call for help”


New details about the last moments of his life Rossano Rubicondi show afternoon 5: After the fall was going to try to call for help. This was reported by the sender of the post Barbara Dorso She lives from Rubicondi’s funeral home on Madison Avenue in New York. Rossano «Alone in his apartment he collapsed in the bathroom and then for six meters he tried to crawl onto the phone to call for helpHe said.

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what if The autopsy confirmed that Rossano died of a tumorThere are still many doubts about his illness and the possibility of choosing alternative treatment. It is also cause for concern Ex-Linda Batista from Rubicondi who said regarding the fifth afternoon that she did not believe it: “I knew nothing of her illness, I am upset. He couldn’t give up on taking care of himself, he loved life so much. It seems ridiculous to me because I knew him so well.”

The funeral will take place tomorrow at 12 o’clock in Manhattan In the Church. The model and showman who passed away last October 29 at the age of 49 had expressed his desire to be cremated. Friends said the ashes should be divided in half between Rossano’s parents and his ex-wife Ivana Trump, who “taken care of him to the end”. For Rubicondi, the body of Hollywood celebrities was chosen, which witnessed the remains of such stars as Rudolph Valentino and Judy Garland, as well as the famous First Lady Jackie Kennedy Onassis.

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