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Video svenimento Pinuccia Uomini e Donne

Fainting video Pinocchia men and women are not found: censored scene?

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Video fainting Pinocchia men and women. On the Dec. 13 episode of Men and Women, according to developments, we should have witnessed Pinuccia Della Giovanna’s alleged fake faint after a heated discussion with Tina Cipollari. In fact, the scene in question was never broadcast.

Video fainting Pinocchia men and women

One wonders if the production intentionally chose not to air excerpts from The Fader, real or supposed, but only the aftermath of this episode. So much so that we even saw Maria de Felipe turn to Pinocia, saying, “Maybe this program will do you more harm than good.” And the previews tell us that in the latest recording, which will soon be broadcast, the lady is not present, and therefore it is very likely that she will not be part of the dating program Canale 5. Meanwhile, many are looking for the faint video on the Pinuccia network which, however, cannot Find it anywhere which was not aired during yesterday’s episode.

live and restore

The dating show hosted by Maria De Filippi will go live at 2.45pm on Canale 5.

For those who are unable to watch the live broadcast today, they can find a replay in the live broadcast online on the Witty TV platform or also on Mediaset Infinity.

Alternatively, you can re-watch the episodes on A5 The next day at three different times:

  • at 12.45;
  • at 19.45;
  • At 11:30 p.m.