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Failed competition in the judiciary, 5% pass (and 90 seats will not be released).  "Candidates do not know how to proceed"

Failed competition in the judiciary, 5% pass (and 90 seats will not be released). “Candidates do not know how to proceed”

Only 5% of participants Competition In the judiciary Going to banned orals in 2019. Strawfalcioni of law and the Italian language. Promised not by lazy high school students, but by ambitious law graduates who want to become judges and lawyers. The competition for access to the judiciary ends in a cabaret that began in 2019, but only began a year ago. Govt.

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Discovered 90 places

Of the 3,797 people who came to write the written exam last summer, only 220 were admitted to the oral exam. Less than 5.7%, The Ministry of Justice certified on its website. It has already been decided that at least 90 of the 310 locations will remain undetected. Real misfortune considering the serious expression of Tokas’ staff. The CSM estimates that more than a thousand judges are missing. Even when judicial offices are called upon to achieve the NRP’s ambitious objectives, its weight is felt to be deficient: a 40% cut in civil cases and a 25% cut in criminal cases.

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“Candidate Massacre”

This is not the first time the ban on access to the judiciary has ended in the “assassination of candidates”. This has already happened in 2008, when during a maxi-contest, the judiciary should have secured a decisive injection of new powers with 500 judges. “Then half the seats were filled,” recalled Luca Poniz, a Milanese lawyer and former head of the ANM, one of the 30 members of the current competition’s selection commission.

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“Inadequate” status

When he or his colleagues are interviewed by ANSA, he promises to use a heavy hand (“When you read a topic, there is no preconceived notion or pre-determined seriousness”). But they have to be careful. “An inadequate positionCompetitors, despite “urgent” awareness of hiring new judges. What did you notice? “A major argument is poverty and linguistic povertyThemes that often follow pre-packaged projects, Without great rational abilityLack of originality, minor effect and in some cases Errors scores Concept, law, grammar. Finding competing candidates in the judiciary who do not know how to progress is a very serious problem, I learned it in the third grade.

Causes of Disaster

But how to explain all this? There are a number of reasons for Ponis to begin with the “decline of the school’s educational approach”. “The proliferation of universities” is overweight, which motivates everyone “because universities are nurtured by positive outcomes. But it is the task of the Ministers of Education and Justice to find a solution to these problems. “