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F1 - Toto Wolff This verb is from F1's predecessor god machine

F1 – Toto Wolff This verb is from F1’s predecessor god machine

F1 – When, in February, Mario Andretti Reveal his son’s will to the world Mikhail to log in Formula One With their team, there were no cheers of cheers and songs of glory. Many greeted the operation with caution. Others preferred to suspend the ruling.

Still others, like Luca de Meo and Laurent Rossi (straight m Renault The CEO does Alps), they glimpse an opportunity. That is, to customize their own power unit Which at the moment supplies only transit cars for dairy.

Then there were those who came out with a rather harsh, almost exclusionary attitude. he is Toto Wolf Who, despite not having the ability to make unilateral decisions on the matter, seemed to speak as a leader in this class. Or rather as a spokesman for those who in the statements Andretti Big did not respond. The vast majority of teams are in circusIt clearly intends to protect their economic interests. From this guide, the conservative view of the former director Williams.

Viewpoint is so convinced that like a giant Volkswagen, which announced its participation in the mega-class from 2026, will probably have to do so as a supplier of payment units rather than as an overall builder. Hence the negotiations (at a good point) with Red Bull And the sermons began with Aston Martin and Williams.

The Audi single-seat muzzle competing in the Formula E World Championship

F1 – Andretti looking for a drive: an Audi possibility?

L ‘Andretti GlobalWhere do you intend to settle? England In that magical circle where the majority of the stables are seated F1He wants to do big things. Not only does he want the first division, but he is also thinking of creating two related teams in which drivers and staff can grow. The program, in fact, provides for the creation of satellites in F2 and F3.

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It is clear that the nodes to be untied will be different. The first – and most important – is what ultimately relates to a single supply power unit Already for 2024, this is the time when Americans would like to debut. to exclude mercedesAnd Ferrari and turn off Hondathe only path that leads back Boulogne-Billancourt.

Otherwise, in the absence of an unlikely deal with a house lozengesThere will be no alternatives. Which will require a time reconfiguration of the process which can be postponed to 2026. When Volkswagen It can indulge in its branded V6 hybrid engines Audisince these Porsche You must enter the heart of the cars he owns Red Bull.

Michael Andretti

F1 – Wolff intends to preserve the investments made in the last 10 years

Except for a few interested subjects, Shut down F1 like a hedgehog and put himself in some kind of sandbox. At stake, of course, is a good bundle of money that should be divided by eleven heroes and not by ten. Profit sharing is currently regulated by Concorde Charter Whose signature came after a bloody and tense operation. The balance is found after many efforts and it is not intended to question it.

Entering a new reality requires the latter to donate a one-time amount of $200 million divided among the 10 existing teams. In short, it will be $20 million, which is a small amount compared to what the eleventh team absorbs and subtracts from others in the long run. Hence the grievances Mr. Wolf Which, we repeat, hardly speaks except in the name of mercedes Looking at the silence of the other heroes. Who knows a lot about consent.

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I’m sure if we had an American team with an American driver, it would be very helpfulco-owner said mercedes In a recent interview with international media. Change of vision in relation to what was explained above? Absolutely: “Today we have 10 teams and we divide the prize pool among them. We have invested large sums over the past ten years. Each organization seated here on the podium will likely invest over a billion in their Formula 1 projects over the seasons.“.

Toto Wolff, Mercedes-AMG F1 Team Principal

F1 – Wolff believes a new team is only justified if its presence increases revenue

The whole question is in the balance that we talked about earlier: The entry of a new team should be sustainable for others. Therefore, it should not erode the amount of money available to attendees: “If a team joins, how can you prove that you are bringing in more money than it actually cost? Because the eleventh team means a 10% commute for everyone else“.

wolf It is somewhat peremptory when he states that there is no possibility to provide substantive evidence that the introduction of the eleventh fixed element to the party tables increases the total amount of income:If anyone can prove it – The Viennese director was shocked – Then we should sit around a table and cheer for whoever intends to enter.”

But this has not yet been proven. F1 value – he added wolf – It lies in the fact that there are a limited number of perks: we don’t want to dilute this value by just adding a difference“.

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Christian Horner (Red Bull Racing Honda), Toto Wolff (Mercede AAMS F1 Team) and Mattia Binotto (Scuderia Ferrari) in an interview
Andretti – F1: dead end

At the moment, clouds temperatures appear to be very low. The thing hasn’t entered the hot stage and it’s not certain that it will happen given the reluctance that is well described in words Toto Wolf. Although many people are in favor of having more American pilots who would be favored by having an entire “Made in the USA” team, few seem to be willing to implement concrete actions to make this scenario happen.

to date Liberty Media He remains in the shadows and seems to want to wait for the heroes to move before entering the field by emphasizing his specific weight as the owner of the game. Because the American entertainment giant would be interested in seeing the stars and stripes franchise in a world increasingly inclined to cross the borders of the Atlantic. And the presence of three races on US soil, as of 2023, shows this clearly.

F1 – Author: Diego CatalanoLord save her

picture: F1And Mercedes AMG F1, Andretti, Audi