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F1 - F1 2023: Fantastic maneuvers to try to save the Belgian Grand Prix

F1 – F1 2023: Fantastic maneuvers to try to save the Belgian Grand Prix

Mathematics is a complex science but can, at the same time, be very simple in its unexplainable toughness. Present Concorde Charter Provides that the calendar F1 It can consist of a maximum of 24 seasonal races.

In 2022, after excluding Sochi GB In the wake of the international crisis involving Russia and theUkraine, there will be 22 dates in dispute. In 2023, the maximum set by the convention governing overhead flight must be reached. But the accounts do not add up.

There are four countries pressing the doors Liberty Media. In fact, it would be more correct to say that they pressed so hard that they opened the doors of the American entertainment giant: China, Qatar, USA (with Las Vegas)They already confirmed their existence. To this must be added South Africa can re kyalami in F1 Then Sundays, Two weeks ago, he visited the factory facilities. 22 + 4 = 26. Calculations do not add up. There are too many threads.

Las Vegas circuit diagram where it will operate from 2023

F1. Four strokes in farewell to danger

Imagine the deal with kyalami It jumps or it is postponed to the following year there will still be a surplus. Which can fall if ChinaA country that is very strict in terms of anti-coronavirus rules, should decide not to open up to circus To avoid a new pandemic. A disastrous scenario that we would frankly like to stay away from. If the above conditions did not occur, you would be a bitter cabbage of some historical plant.

There are four truths in the balance: the most fragile is without a doubt Paul Ricard. A track like never before has thrilled riders and fans Liberty Media. His farewell seemed almost inevitable. There are not many kilometers monkAnother path with the expiry of the contract, but despite the loss of some of the historical privileges it guarantees Bernie Ecclestone, It must protect your skin.

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Whoever has the contract also expires Mexican GP Which also has to be renovated thanks to the vast tempting catchment area John Malone and for the group he represents. Which tells us that the fall date can stay in place.

Stefano Domenicali, President and CEO of Formula One Group

Spa-Francorchamps will see its ties with F1 end at the end of August when the 14th round of the 2022 championship takes place. The historic and splendid Belgian track has prepared an extensive restructuring program to adapt to the demands it made FIA Before in security matters. It was precisely these investments that began to move the political authorities in the country, which until now have been aloof from negotiations between the regulators and Liberty Media.

Even if circuit owners think that between endurance races and other events already scheduled they may still have a rosy future, it’s clear that in the long run, the few motoring event par excellence, the F1 grand prix, will start to weigh in. And not just for those who organize the race, but for the country that hosts it. Hence the change in the pace of the work of the political authorities.

The legendary Eau Rouge-Raidillon

F1. Belgium Grand Prix: Politics rally to save Spa-Francorchamps

For now, the central government has remained in a wait-and-see attitude, but the Wallonia region has taken the field. Some representatives met to try to reach an understanding between the local authority and the federal government. On the sidelines of the works, a document was produced on the spot that was sent to the top of Formula 1 to press the cause of the historic track rising in the woods of the Ardennes to be concretely defended.

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After this unexpected action, quotes from Spa Francorchamps rise significantly. curves like‘Eau Rouge – Raidillon, Pouhon, Stavelot, Blanchimont are real icons of motorsports That the American monarchy cannot easily be left in favor of unknown and “unwarm” folds that exist on the paths of new generations and which, in the constant process of depersonalization, tend to resemble more and more one another. Finger interlacing: Spa You may know a new future in F1.

author: Diego CatalanoLord save her

picture: F1Oracle Red Bull Racing, Mercedes AMG F1