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Dna F1: da tecnica e ricerca ad affari e spettacolo

F1 DNA: From technology and research to business and entertainment – Pino Allevi

Finally, there is a new regulation for Formula 1 engines from 2026 onwards. Well, we have been discussing it for some time without coming to any conclusion. In the end The FIA ​​World Council did what Liberty Media wanted, that is, by launching a series of rules that will revolutionize engine units, so everyone will have to start from scratch. As engineer Carlo Platella impressively explained in his articles, on the one hand, there will be a great deal of freedom for research in the field of synthetic fuels, which will replace fossil fuels with immediate repercussions also for everyday cars (which in theory can continue to use conventional engines Today) but on the other hand we are moving towards standardizing many components, to avoid that one manufacturer can clearly outperform the others.

Beyond the technical details He made it perfectly clear, that the sense of revolution is that F1 will continue to offer groundbreaking technology with a lot of interest in the electrical part, yet the field of developments has been deliberately contained in a cost function that will instead be progressively limited. that by saying, Flattening path has been chosenIt is something similar to Formula Indy where the Chevrolet and Honda engines are identical in geometry and performance, so as not to affect the race results in the least. A policy at odds with the fact that Formula 1 has always been a training ground for future experiments: at least that’s how Ferrari envisioned, which was able to embark on design challenges going from 2-cylinder to 12, including compressors, turbines, ERS, Hybrid engines etc. The Maranello brand wasn’t the only one to do this, if we’re to believe, that BRM got on the track in the early 1950s with a single-seat 16-cylinder. And what about the Lotus that made Emerson Fittipaldi race at Monza with a flying turbine car? even before a Netflixas many today lead to think, Formula 1 has grown and owes its fame precisely to what it proposed, for what it put it on the right track, for what it tried, for so many ideas that have been madly vetted and put back in the drawers.

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Enzo Ferrari would never have accepted what Liberty Media and the FIA ​​had proposed with the sole aim of allowing teams to earn more, in Formula One that has become a club of 10 builders blocking the way for anyone aspiring to join the competition with the same weapons. The reason is simple: dividing the cake into 10 slices guarantees more income than dividing it into 11, 12 or 14 portions. A dangerous closed number who knows a lot about the clan, that Take away dreams and perspectives For those who aspire to make their way slowly with merit in the minor categories, then into the world of F1. With this logic, teams like McLaren, Williams, Sauber, Brabham, Terrell, Lotus and many others, would never have been born, nor would they have an outlet. A policy that the FIA ​​should not accept and instead suffer, as Liberty Media has become a business committee pursuing its mission, which is to generate and then partially redistribute funds.

We are in one Pure business logic Who does not look in anyone’s face, let alone sports. So it doesn’t matter much that the magical paths like Spa, Castellet, Hockenheim and many more are about to disappear (let’s ask ourselves at once what will be the fate of Monza…) to make room for the new rich in Qatar and Dubai, another economic paradise that spends endlessly out of vanity and to let the world know about its existence , and they are important.

how Ferrari, Mercedes, Renault Flat Formula 1 values ​​and philosophy can be accepted as a mystery, because for now a road of no return to show at any cost has been embarked, in defiance of technology and research. However, without taking into account that the greater the limitations, the more we will work on the details and nuances, somehow trying to make a difference. But the FIA ​​and Liberty Media want an F1 with all the same engines, hoping the plateau of potential winners – Utopia – can be expanded. Porsche and Audi would not have accepted entering a difficult class (ask Honda…) in which they could have struggled and suffered, at first, by putting their image into play, so they pushed in that direction: before others knew that with two German brands it would increase Series niche. The reduction in expenditures for power units, which the new rules foresaw, is another joke, as it is known that large industries can make their production sectors test what they want, without burdening F1 divisions. Everyone knows it, and everyone pretends it’s not possible. As for the budget cap on the rest of the car.

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So we are facing the birth of a new formula that will usurp the name “F1” because it will be something different in the DNA and the targets. There is no doubt that it will be successful and will make the ten golden teams even richer by offering”campaign to survive Other material for Sweetened Stories is presented to an audience associated with the legend of ancient graphic novels. But it should be clear That F1 that made our hearts shake has ended up in the trash forever.

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