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F1 Alpine: E20 Team Pink for Saudi Arabia

F1 Alpine: E20 Team Pink for Saudi Arabia

Diversity and inclusiona new initiative developed by Alpine company to promote these two causes dear to women, especially Arab women who have experienced the possibility of driving with a normal license since 2018. An event to remember, as the two girls became “the first woman ever to drive a Formula One car in Saudi Arabia”. Alpine organizes a history-making tour in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia: 2022 Two gorgeous women will be behind the wheel of F1 at the dawn of the Grand Prix. It’s an unusual event, given that the girls, but they say “sir”, only Saudis were allowed to get a wild car license in 2018. Thanks to the support of the kingdom’s tourism authority in organizing and escorting the event, the date from the 2022 F1 World Championship is tinged in pink . Saudi girl Aseel Al-Hamad And the British you have a withdrawal They drove a Lotus E20 with a v8 engine, used by the French team in 2012.

On tiptoe, towards the future

With a satisfied face, the female pilots said:We have crossed the borderThe Alpine team receives compliments from the new Saudi representative in the International Federation, Mohammed bin Sulaymish, who explains with great affection: “The wonderful Alpine initiative to promote the presence of women in motorsports. We are happy to see Aseel Al-Hamad and Abi pull out a Formula One car.” Just think that four months ago for the first Formula 1 race in Jeddah, a lap was announced by GP ambassador, Miss Rima Juffali, 29, at the historic Williams race, Alan Jones’ FW07 1979. But in the end, the promised driver, born In Jeddah, the rich and high-ranking, who grew up among the luxuries of Boston, New York and London, did not even appear, except to run on the track!

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Aseel Al-Hamad

Interior designer and engineer, passionate about motorsports, is right there The first woman in her country to own a Ferrari. He had already run a course in 2018, again on a Lotus E20 but in Paul Ricard, to celebrate freedom at the wheel for his country’s women. She was also the first Saudi woman to join the International Federation, and in fact she represents her country in the International Automobile Federation. “Women on the Motorsports Committee” She is the first female member of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Motorsports Federation. “It was great to drive again Alps The most special thing is doing this in my country, Saudi Arabia, and in my hometown, Riyadh. I hope this inspires more generations to fall in love with Formula One and that more women see motorsport as a future profession. I had the pleasure of meeting Abby, a beautiful girl with a lot of ambitions and an extraordinary passion for racing. It shows that by being able to drive a lot, girls can become professional drivers.”

you have a withdrawal

The English lady, aged 19, is part of the prestigiousAlpine Academy”, from which stand out the professional drivers who managed to land in Formula 1, such as “Guanyu Zhou” who drives Alfa Romeo. Abe has been competing in the “W Series” since last year, and all women too, where he, among others, has to compete With “Vicky Peeria.” Abe comments: “It was my first experience with an F1 car last season.” He started racing when he was only eight years old and dreamed of getting into his beloved Formula One, which he watched on TV. Today, she is happy to touch this dream, even a little. And being inspiring new generations is already very rewarding, especially for a Saudi woman who can distinguish herself in this sport and end up on the cover of a newspaper. Abby comments:It is very important to encourage and support young talents to achieve their ambitions.”

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Lotus E20 for two women

Last Sunday, they got behind the wheel of the E20, the single-seater that lined up in the 2012 season with the well-known Lotus brand. The initiative is of a highly symbolic nature, to inform the world that the Arabian Peninsula is an open country, capable of promoting its precious jewels.womanFor the government, declaring increased openness is of fundamental importance as a sign of modernity and mental convergence than other nations, and more open to women’s policies. We remind you that women are only allowed to drive since 2018, but this remains a strong traffic sign for society, constant on Some principles “always.” A little curiosity Arabia already had its first female pilot: Only “Rima Juffali”, the big absentee from Jeddah, who measured herself in the British F4 Championship in 2019, in the Formula 4 Emirates Championship that takes place in the United Arab Emirates, in 2020 and 2021 returned to the United Kingdom to compete in the GB3 (Formula 3 Championship British).

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