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Eye for details - Libero Cottidiano

Eye for details – Libero Cottidiano

That’s true “They beat each other.” Its background Thakospia The unity of the three leaders at the apex of the center-right shatters the fort, Georgia Meloni, Matteo Salvini and Silvio Berlusconi. “When the central-web joint press release reads‘ Friendship Meeting ’, it means they were slapped. After all, how do you write ‘center-right alliance wants to work together’, when Both parties are in government e Other Is onResistance? “, He said Thakospia. He concludes: “Berlusconi at some point invited Meloni to join the Drake executive, never getting ‘sharp’ with the Democrats”.

Officially, however, face-to-face – it took place in the Romania Villa Grande of the Night and lasted about two hours – was creative. After the summit, in fact, the three center-right leaders issued a joint note: “In a climate Maximum cooperation, After carefully examining the election results and the reasons that determined them, the leaders of the Center, henceforth, decided that they would receive Occasional meetings – On a weekly basis – Agree Shared Parliamentary Activities “.

Center-right, Meloni-Salvini-Berlusconi vertex: pictures of Villa Grande

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“In the same mindset”, we read again, “center-right meaning Move perfectly And in preparing for the next election and political appointments, special attention should be paid to the next election of the President. Center-right wants to continue Working in partnership The result confirmed that it did not want to support proportional change in electoral law.