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Extreme heat has arrived: A surge in crashes and driving sickness | Here are the 10 commandments to save your life


The best tips to follow while driving in a car – Company Source+ –

As temperatures rise, life for motorists becomes more difficult: here are the tips to follow.

The heat has finally arrived.The winter was long, and a particularly wet spring seemed to guarantee an unusual summer. However, with July The temperature has risen. Noticeably across the country. Thousands of Italians have already left for the holidays, but in the coming weeks there will be millions more who will travel across the country for their long-awaited and well-deserved holidays.

Going on a long trip is certainly not easy.. Especially when you encounter long lines, which are particularly characteristic of the weekends between July and August. This is especially true when you bring your children with you. But there are gods Very specific advice to follow.If you don’t want to face any problems while traveling with your car because you are going on vacation.

Not only. The heat is Among the main enemies of every car driver And it’s not easy to bear. So the advice we’re about to give you is useful not only on holidays, but also in everyday life.

What to do before leaving on vacation

And General check of your car Before leaving it is definitely advisable. Starting with the tires. In fact, it is always a good idea to check the tire pressure before setting off. This one Safety issueAbove all, but also for savings: flat tires actually increase the wear and tear on your vehicle.

Then pay attention to the levels. From engine oil, but also from brake fluid. Finally, make sure everything is in order with your documents and emergency equipment.

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How to use your car's air conditioner - Source Corporate+ -
How to use your car’s air conditioner – Company Source+ –

Air conditioner, make sure everything is always fine

Especially when it’s hot and if you’re going to the beach, It is essential that everything is in order regarding the air conditioning.This means that you should check that it is working properly before you leave, otherwise you risk spending a trip in the hottest temperatures and as you can imagine, this is not pleasant at all.

in the end, Be careful how you load your luggage.You should always make sure you have the best possible view, otherwise you risk safety issues and very heavy fines.

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