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Con El Nino record e Corrente del Golfo azzerata l

Extraordinary El Niño, a new hypothesis of a winter appears with snow, frost and Borian over Italy “

Weather: El Niño is exceptional, a new hypothesis of winter arises with snow, frost and borian over Italy

If the flapping of its wings causes a hurricane, think of an extended phenomenon like El Niño, how many weather disturbances can it cause: snow and horrific frost over Italy?

With El Nino and Gulf Stream records removed, winter will be unforgettable with snow and frost“It is said that the slightest flutter of a butterfly’s wings can cause a tornado on the other side of the world.” What a wonderful phrase! Imagine a very small insect, the butterfly, fluttering gently weak wings and generate great hurricane It’s a really suggestive scene. And the theory I’m going to tell you about, the “butterfly effect” theory, is no exception. After reading this sentence, skeptics believe that “butterfly power” no It could lead to disaster. Others, on the other hand, don’t: a verb that might seem insignificant, like beating wings, It can cause something we don’t expect, and trigger sequential operations that we would never think of.
The scientist Edward Lorenz, through many studies and tests, showed that small initial conditions produce large differences in the long-term behavior of the system. what does that mean? that every action in the world has an undetectable or destructive effect; So the beating on the wings of a butterfly can cause, after an indefinite period of time, Even a storm, a hurricane or even a climate change not only in a certain region, but also throughout the planet.
Edward called it all.The Butterfly Effect(Butterfly Effects, in English), during a lecture 1972, Starting with a simple question: “Could the flapping of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil cause a hurricane in Texas?”. The name “Butterfly Effect” is believed to derive from Ray Bradbury’s science fiction story, The Noise of Thunder, in which humans were able to travel through time via special safari machines. At this very time, by inadvertently squeezing a butterfly, a man will cause disasters that will affect not only his present but also all of humanity. Unmissable story! Do you believe this wonderful and wonderful theory or not?

To show that what happens thousands of kilometers away and even in the other part of the globe, in the southern hemisphere, can severely affect the climate of the whole planet, including Europe and Italy, and the Mediterranean in the foreground, let’s take for example the El Niño phenomenon
nOr, the warming of the Pacific waters that peaks in conjunction with Christmas, the birth of baby Jesus, hence the name El Nino, baby, baby.

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hypothesis. Everyone will remember the snowfall in Rome in February 2012 with the consequences and inconveniences that the records of those days showed us. That snowy period was the result of a frequent El Niño, which we will describe shortly, which this year will be more intense than 2012, even the strongest in the century, as well as almost zero in the Gulf Stream.

there NEW: Contrary to what has been announced for weeks, El Niño could form in place of La Niña.

Thesis: El Niño theory that predicts an icy winter with exceptional snow and at least 2 or 3 Borian lashes in Europesimilar to December 1996 and December 13, 2001, or even a snow pattern like 2012 (remember the snow fell in Rome on February 3, 2012).

The Cold Thesis for Snow and Borian two to three times in December and then in February. In recent days, the thesis supporting El Niño theory has become stronger Its validity is increasing, as certain increasingly obvious meteorological, atmospheric and oceanic parameters reinforce it. There are even 3 elements that support the cold winter hypothesis: 1) Exceptional Nino: The El Niño in place is the strongest on record in the past 80 years. 2) Gulfstream almost zero: The Gulf Stream has weakened and its warm waters will not be able to ease the winters in England and Normandy this year. 3) The coldest Atlantic Ocean at 45 degrees latitude: In the open sea is a vast area of ​​4,000 square kilometers where the water has been three degrees colder than usual for months.

What is El Niño and how does it work? American climate scientists are highlighting these days that the phenomenon is increasingly poised to return to the scene as a great hero. It looks like something stronger or similar anyway to what actually happened in 1997 could happen. El Niño is getting stronger at these hours off the eastern coasts of Ecuador and Peru. In short, this happens: increasing water temperatures at the ocean surface, The trade winds stop working and get weaker, and as if that weren’t enough, mathematical models that have been analyzing El Niño for nine months now confirm that warming Pacific waters will continue, giving the trade winds one more reason to exterminate themselves. With the “half” trade winds, the necessary mixing of ocean waters does not occur, allowing cold water on the sea floor to reach the surface and thus ensuring a natural thermal balance between sea and land. It should be noted that trade winds are winds of regular direction and constant intensity, capable of affecting the meteorology of huge parts of the planet. It blows from northeast to southwest in the northern hemisphere and from southeast to northwest in the southern hemisphere. They are crucial to navigation, and especially sailing, evidenced by the fact that the world’s rounds without an engine (but not only) take place on their way to the West. Christopher Columbus teaches.

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Conclusions – During an average or milder than usual winter period, It will be very likely that there will be a few snow attacks, not only in December, but also in the second half of February and cold first in the north and then also in the middle as far as Rome, With the Arctic flows towards the Mediterranean, first from the Greenland Sea since the end of November-December, then in February from the Urals and Siberia in the form of the Burian, very cold Siberian winds From the steppes it passes through the Carpathians – Danube and flows into the basin of the Adriatic Sea, and then leads to snowfall in Italy.

Snow falls until Rome winter 2015-2016Snow falls until Rome winter 2015-2016