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Extra umbrellas and mosquito nets even with Superbonus 110%, but not everyone knows it and misses this great opportunity

Extra umbrellas and mosquito nets even with Superbonus 110%, but not everyone knows it and misses this great opportunity

Is Superbonus 110% up to expenses incurred to install awnings and mosquito nets and make the home more efficient?

With Superbonus 110% this can be achieved construction interventions to improve energy Existing buildings or to secure them from earthquake risks. In 2022, the Superbonus is extended until December 2025, but with a gradual reduction of the discount.

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Superbonus can be used for Towing and hauling works. The first are those who directly reach the stimulus. Instead, the latter must be performed simultaneously with the former. Only in this case the discount is obtained.

Awnings and Mosquito Nets: Are You Entitled to Superbonus 110%? The answer is not clear

The Super Bonus 110%which was entered by Decree-Law No. 34/2020, said Re-launch decreeConsists of 110% off On expenses incurred for some types of interventions.

Among the interventions ofEnergy Efficiency Located in Umbrellas and the mosquito nets. They are pasture Interventions cut off Because they can be considered as thermal insulation interventions. However, beware, you will only be able to take advantage of the 110% Superbonus and the relative discount if other construction interventions are underway on the premises. Otherwise, it will be possible to benefit from Ecobonus by 50%.

In any case, in order to be able to request discounts, awnings and mosquito nets must be shaded or solar blackout, and meet the standards set by ENEA.

Therefore, minor furnishing accessories or DIY fixtures will not be considered deductible. Finally, it must be combined with fixtures and cannot be easily disassembled.

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about the UmbrellasDiscounts are valid for installation of:

  • Solar shields. Among these are classic awnings, venetian blinds, roller blinds, and arm awnings;
  • Blackout blinds, such as shutters, roller blinds, or roller blinds.

Finally, in a previous article we talked about Insect Screen Reward 2022 And a 50% discount obtained with Ecobonus. In fact, bed net discounts can also be obtained with Superbonus.

Requirements must be met for both determinations. Among them, the most important is Gtot . total value. This is the total solar power factor between the fly screen and the glass. In this case it should be less than 0.35.

In short, just like blinds or blinds, mosquito nets should also be useful in limiting sunlight entering the home. Thus, the goal is to save energy for the use of air conditioners or fans.