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Explosion in Ravanusa: Six killed, three missing and 100 displaced – Sicily

The bodies of three of the six people who went missing in the Ravanusa (Agrijento) eruption were found by firefighters who dug through the night. There were bodies beneath the rubble of a collapsed four-story building.

April 10’s photo is: Celine with a dreamy look, a white dress and a bouquet of yellow flowers in her hand, her face resting on Cusep’s shoulder. She smiles happily on her wedding day. Eight months later, that smile is no longer there, buried beneath the ruins via Trilusa in Ravanusa, by Giuseppe, Pietro, Enza, Carmela, Gioccina, Cologne, Angelo and other Giuseppe, almost ninety years old. Buried along with an unbroken smile yet, that of a son who will begin to know the world in a week. Still unnamed and will never appear on the official list of the dead and missing, but in fact the tenth victim of this Sicilian tragedy, except for a miracle, is still waiting for those who dug for hours. Precisely that hope just gives you the strength to move on. Celine Bagliarello and Giuseppe Carmina, her nurse in the emergency room of the San Giovanni Di Dio Hospital in Agrijento, said she was a worker and did not even have to be in the apartment. Everyone in the village passed by to greet his parents, Angelo Carmina, 72, and Maria Cressenza Zagario, 69, also known as Enza. Angelo is still under the rubble when Enza pulls her lifeless out of a tangle of concrete, bricks and pieces of iron. A quick salute before heading out to Saturday dinner like many. Nine months may be the last before delivery, as it expires next week. Someone, Sicilian Civil Defense chief Salvo Kodina says, assumed Celine was on the street for a phone call when everything exploded. But for now no one has found out. Then there are his thoughts and his photos. This post was published on September 11, 2020, and tells how Kovit just postponed his dream. “Behold, we’re always a few hours since we dreamed. We imagined it, prepared it to the smallest detail, prepared our house with many sacrifices, it looked at us and said ‘I’m waiting for you’, we were ready but something went wrong. We imagined it all, so it’s been a year of all positive change, September should be the icing on the cake, but it will not be. We have decided that September 12th will always be an important date because we have built our future on April 10, 2021. That day also came with white dress, smile and bouquets. Pietro Carmina was also smiling in the pictures. According to fellow villagers, he was a good professor. He taught history and philosophy at Ugo Foscolo High School in Canicattì, and was then principal before retiring. He also escaped from the temple, but did not explode: his body is with Enza and the body of Geochina Kalogera Minogori in the morgue. He lived at No. 69, two women at 65; Both buildings were destroyed by the shock wave and the rage of the flames. However, there are no traces of Pietro’s wife, 60 – year – old Carmela Ciabeta. In the municipality where she was a social worker, people are already talking about this in the past, with tears in their eyes. “He had a great voice, he always spoke loudly. But he was a happy, quiet, sunny person.” The other Giuseppe Carmina, 88, was also not found, he lives across the street from Trillusa, but via Galilee, perpendicular to the center of the eruption, where there are some damaged houses, and Calgoro Carmina, 59, husband. Of Geochina. Firefighters will search for them throughout the night, until they find them all. Also Selene, Giuseppe and their broken dream. The wedding cake read, “We wish you a long life.” It has not been long, but they are still together.

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